3 Different Ways to Style Your Hair with a Straightener

3 Different Ways to Style Your Hair with a Straightener

Ways to Style Your Hair with a Straightener – If you’ve ever run your hands through your hair and felt frustrated by how tangled it feels, you understand the appeal of straightening your hair with a flat iron or curling iron. Flat irons and curling irons offer the chance to style your hair quickly and easily, but doing so comes with some inherent risks. If you use these tools incorrectly, they can damage your hair follicles and lead to breakage, or even cause burns or blisters on your scalp if they get too hot.

A straightener can be used to achieve numerous hair styles and textures, from wavy curls to perfectly tousled waves to beachy textured looks, making it one of the most versatile styling tools you’ll have in your beauty arsenal. Many people think that straighteners are only good for styling straight hair and don’t know how to use them on curly or wavy strands, but this simply isn’t the case! You can find three great ways to style your hair with a straightener here, so get ready to embrace your natural texture and try out some new styles!

1) Get volume

If you want volume, then you better Shop online for GHD curler, use your straightener in the opposite direction of hair growth. This will give you volume because it will be lifting up your strands and giving them that much-needed lift. A word of caution: this can also cause breakage if done too frequently.

For a sleek look, use your straightener in the same direction as hair growth. You’ll get that tight, smooth look with less frizz.

Lastly, for really curly or wavy hair, use your straighteners on a lower heat setting and curl underneath rather than on top of your head.

2) Create curls

Here are three different ways to style your hair with a straightener. The first is for more of an everyday look, the second is for an updo, and the third is for an effortless look.

Create curls. Section off your hair into two parts, both at the same level. Take one section of hair and clamp it in between the plates of your straightener (about halfway down). Hold the iron there for about 20 seconds or until you feel some heat coming from it. Now slide it up about two inches, taking care not to touch any pieces of hair that were previously curled with other sections of hair, and repeat this process until you’ve reached the top layer of hair on that side.

3) Form waves

Wrap your hair around the straightener and hold it in place until the wave sets. Use a flat iron on low heat and curl your hair with it. Put your hair up in pigtails, and then wrap them around the straightener to create waves or curls at the ends of your hair. If you have enough hair to cover one side of your head with it, you can curl half of it using a flat iron, and then put that half up in pigtails.


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