Health Insurance for Travellers – Benefits and Features

Health Insurance for Travellers – Benefits and Features

When making a travel plan, what people often overlook is considering getting their travel insured. The hurly-burly of travel preparations doesn’t leave space for you to think about the worst-case scenario. Not only is it important to think of the challenges that might occur on your vacation, but you should also be prepared for them. A lot of problems can occur when we are traveling. It could be even more difficult to deal with issues when we are in a foreign land and do not speak the local language there. You should have something to fall back on. And in this case, that something could be travel health insurance. Before you look for the best health insurance plans in India for your next travel, let’s understand what they really are and how they can benefit you. 

What is health insurance for travelers? 

Medical emergencies can occur anywhere, anytime. Travel health insurance is an insurance plan that provides coverage against hospitalization and medical costs of any medical emergencies when you are traveling. Medical costs are seeing an all-time high all over the globe. It can be a lot of burden on you to bear them if not with the help of an insurance plan. Travel insurance policies also provide coverage for lost baggage, flight cancellations, etc., which can be of great help in times of need. Moreover, just as you can buy health insurance online, travel health insurance can be bought online too. 


Benefits of getting Travel Insurance:

1) It provides coverage for long-term as well as short travel:

Whether you are planning to take a short trip to your dream location or moving to a different place for a few months to work from there, travels health insurance has your back. It ensures medical security against any illness or accidents that might occur while you are traveling. 

2)Medical Assistance:

When we are in an unfamiliar place, arranging things could be difficult in critical situations. Health Insurance in India offers medical assistance such as cashless hospitalization while traveling. If you are a frequent traveler, getting travel health insurance should be on your priority list. It can save you a lot of trouble and ease out the tiring process of hospital formalities when the need arises. 

3) Student medical expenses:

Going to study in a foreign land is itself challenging. Medical bills would be the last thing you want to worry about when you are abroad to focus on your studies. Travel medical insurance covers the medical expenses of individuals traveling for studies and can be of great relief. 

4) Vacation stress-free:

Getting travel insurance for a vacation that you have been planning is a wonderful idea. You can get online health insurance and enjoy your vacation without having to worry about how you will deal with an ordeal in case it arises. 

5) It covers the loss of personal belongings and passport:

Not only does this kind of insurance provides assistance with medical expenses while traveling, but it also ensures assistance when you lose necessary documents and luggage. Check with your insurer at the time of signing up for the plan what exactly they cover under this category. 

6) Covers cancellation:

Cancellations or delays in your flight can happen due to many reasons. Many travel insurance providers cover the cost of these cancellations and delays and provide reimbursement for it. 

Different types of travel insurance plans:

  • Family plan- It is the best health insurance policy to get when you are traveling with your family. This one travel insurance package provides coverage for all your family members. You will not be required to purchase insurance policies for everyone individually. 
  • Plan for senior citizens- This insurance plan is for people 65 and above. This plan is best suitable for people who want to travel after their retirement. Since the chances of falling sick due to age-related diseases increase at this age, this plan can be beneficial for them. If your parents travel often or you know someone who is elderly and wants to travel, you can get this plan for them and remain stress-free while they enjoy their trip. 
  • Insurance for one trip- If you are someone who does not travel a lot but has to go on a trip for some reason, you can consider getting medical insurance for that single trip. 
  • Insurance plan for multi-trips- Multi-trip plans will be suitable for you if you travel frequently and looking for a travel health insurance plan. 
  • Student plan- A student insurance plan is for people moving to a different place to complete their studies. Such plans cover medical costs that occur during their stay. 

Exclusions in a travel insurance policy:

While exclusions in Health Insurance plans in India depend upon the insurer. It is therefore suggested to check with your insurance provider at the time of taking up a policy. Some of the common exclusions are mentioned below. 

  • Already existing medical conditions- These health insurance policies do not provide coverage for illnesses that occurs due to any pre-existing conditions. Your insurer should be made aware of your medical history as they may provide coverage in some life-threatening cases depending upon the policy. 
  • Self-inflicted injuries- Your travel medical insurance does not cover the expenses of injuries caused by suicide attempts or any kind of self-inflicted injuries.
  • When the doctor advises you not to travel- If your doctor has suggested you not to travel as you are not fit for the same, and you still decide to travel, your health insurance provider is not responsible for covering the cost of medical expenses that occur in that period. 
  • Injuries occured while performing any kind of adventure sport.


Traveling is something everyone enjoys. Whether you are traveling for work or finally going on a vacation with your family, the last thing you would want is any kind of problem. While you can pray for the best, you should also not ignore the possibility of something bad happening. Investing in travel health insurance will ensure required assistance in desperate times and will also provide financial security. Many of the best health insurance plans in India provide coverage for hospitalization costs and additional facilities such as coverage against cancellation, lost baggage, etc. 


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