Expectations after Liposuction Surgery

Expectations after Liposuction Surgery

Your surgeon and his team will explain what you may anticipate following liposuction surgery. However, there are some frequent misunderstandings. Liposuction is a surgical operation, and like with any surgical surgery, recovery time is required before you may return to full health. Here are the top things to anticipate following liposuction surgery

  1. You May Experience Some Swelling

You will experience stiffness in the treated region immediately after liposuction. This is both natural and to be anticipated. It is typical to gaze in the mirror after liposuction and not notice the desired decrease – give it time! In addition to the swelling, you will most likely have some tumescent fluid in the region that will drain quickly after surgery. Your results may seem great immediately after the surgery, but if they do not, give it time. We anticipate ideal results in around 3 months when we’ll bring you back to take “after” shots.

  1. You Will Need Transportation Home

We will give you sedatives orally to assist you in relaxing throughout the treatment. It’s common to feel groggy afterward, so don’t plan on going to any parties right after your treatment. You will not be permitted to drive yourself home after a liposuction operation, so make sure you have someone to bring you home a responsible adult is necessary. If that is not feasible, we can help you locate a suitable medical transport service.

  1. You Will Almost Certainly Need To Take Some Time off Work

Liposuction is a surgical procedure! There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, you’ll need to plan for missing the following 48 hours of work. Not only will you be sluggish, but you will also most likely have some drainage and feel fatigued in general. Liposuction should not be scheduled at the same time as a major work assignment or deadline.

  1. You May Experience Some Pain or Discomfort

Everyone’s body is unique, and everyone’s pain threshold is varied. Some people may have no discomfort after surgery, while others will. It is important to understand that some pain or discomfort after a liposuction treatment is common and is not always an indication that anything is amiss. We provide every liposuction patient a prescription for pain medication, which you may fill if necessary following your treatment, to ensure that you have prompt access to pain relief if it is required.

  1. There Will Be Some Drainage

Regardless of the sort of liposuction treatment you undergo, you will have some incisions, and some leakage from the location is to be anticipated during the following 48 hours. That is one of the reasons you may not want to return to work! You will be given the requisite gauze and medical tape, which you will need to replace on a frequent basis over the following several days. The incisions should heal on their own without stitches; however, a single stitch may be required in certain circumstances.

  1. You Will Be Scheduled For Follow-Up Visits

Just because your operation is over doesn’t imply you’re finished. You must return the following day so that the surgeon may evaluate the incisions and guarantee normal healing. In most cases, you’ll have another consultation in two weeks and another in three months, but certain locations may have more regular check-ups.

During your appointment at Scottsdale liposuction, our surgeons will listen to your concerns and devise a strategy that will help you achieve your summer body objectives.



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