Cocokind Eye Cream

Cocokind Eye Cream

The delicate and sensitive skin around the eye area is prone to ageing. So it needs a gentle, non-irritating formula that will work to remove dead skin cells and provide moisture.Cocokind eye cream is an all natural, certified organic and vegan eye cream that is specifically formulated for the skin around the eyes which so often gets neglected because it’s not really important compared to other parts of the face. This moisturiser is made with plant-powered ingredients that are meant to hydrate and brighten, plump and smooth the skin around your eyes.Cocokind’s Revitalising Eye Cream is a highly potent, ageing treatment formula for eyes which contains key ingredients such as persian silk tree, hibiscus flower acids and oat extract that helps fade dark circles, plump up existing wrinkles, reduce puffiness and refreshes the skin complexion.


Persian silk tree extract – help reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and smooth the wrinkles around the eyes area.Hibiscus Flower Acids – gently exfoliate the skin and refresh it.Oat Extract – moisturises and supports the skin’s moisture barrier which leads to improved skin elasticity.


It has a hygienic metal applicator tips so that you can apply it without getting your hands dirty, making it perfect for use at home or on the go.The ingredients of this product are carefully selected and combined to provide maximum nourishment for your eyes.The product contains no animal ingredients so it’s perfect for those who are vegan.


One of the main benefits about Cocokind is that it’s very affordable and lasts for a long time because a little bit goes a long way with this product. This cream also has the capability to provide instant eye-lift effect.
If you’re looking for a lightweight eye cream that moisturises without being oily, look no further. With its hibiscus flower acids and oat extract, cocokind eye cream is perfect for a refreshing and hydrated skin.


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