Allscripts EHR vs Epic EMR: Which one is Better?

Allscripts EHR vs Epic EMR: Which one is Better?

Electronic health records and medical records systems are specifically built for medical organizations. These systems allow users to improve their management of patients. It enables them to provide better healthcare. It does this by providing accurate, updated, and complete information about patients. The article provides a comparison between two applications, Allscripts EHR vs Epic EMR. The purpose is to help potential customers choose the best system for their organization per their requirements.  

What is Allscripts EHR?

Allscripts EHR is a software that provides a management solution for healthcare companies of almost every size and specialty. This includes small, personal clinics to bigger hospital systems with several departments. Moreover, the users can schedule the following: 

employees, handle invoicing and payment information and manage appointments.  

Additionally, online access is also available for patient data. This includes demographics, consultation history, and patient notes.  

Furthermore, the software assists healthcare services with daily operations. It also aids in clerical and administrative tasks. It is accessible every month per user.  

Key Features of Allscripts EMR  

Population Health  

This feature of the software provides the following to the company’s population:  

Health management platform, provides patient engagement, data analytics, care coordination, and other services.  

It enables practices to examine the general health of a population. Adding to that, it helps users to concentrate on more regional medical goals. These goals are unique to a given health institution.  


The application simplifies and expedites the prescription-writing procedure for both patients and doctors. Pharmacies can access patient prescription records. They can receive notifications for any potential drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions. It depends on the patient’s present medical condition and prescribed medications.  

Financial Management  

The program offers planning, analytics, and revenue cycle operations. All these are linked to managing finances, tracking sales, and improving process efficiency.  

Precision Medicine  

This feature enables the creation of a more individualized strategy when providing medications. It exchanges data for pharmacogenomics and research at the same time.  

Allscripts EMR Demo  

The company does not provide a demo option to the users on its official website. However, you can contact third-party vendors. You can request them to provide a demo version of the software. It enables users to learn more about the software. This helps users decide whether the software would turn out to be helpful for them or not.  

Allscripts EHR Pricing  

The company does not provide a transparent pricing plan to its potential customer. This is because the company’s official website does not share any pricing plans. But, the users can contact the sales team of the software for a pricing quotation. Additionally, they can also reach out to third-party vendors. Users can request the pricing plan of the software. All they have to do is to fill out an online form and the vendor will contact them soon with a quotation as per their needs.  

Allscripts EHR Reviews  

The software has very fair user satisfaction reviews with an average rating of 61% from two credible software review websites. Adding to that, the software has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on TrustRadius and 3 stars on Software Advice.  

What is Epic EMR?  

Epic is a cloud-based EHR program that supports several specialties. A wide spectrum of practices employs Epic EHR. This includes small hospitals, independent practitioners, multi-specialty hospital groups, and hospice care providers. 


Moreover, practices can add modules to Epic’s standard set of core EHR functionality. Epic places a lot of emphasis on promoting remote care and patient interaction. The application includes various telehealth alternatives. This includes video support visits, post-surgical follow-ups, and patient monitoring tools. The full patient portal is accessible as a native app for both Android and iOS operating systems.  


Additionally, Epic EMR places a strong emphasis on interoperability and simple system integration. The program can share records with any EHR that adheres to these criteria. Also, more physicians have attested to the meaningful use of stage 2 of the application. The open API tool seeks to make it easier to integrate with third-party programs.  

Key Benefits of Epic EHR  

Clinical Workflow Management  

The software allows access to and updates patient health information. Additionally, it creates reports that give information about clinical and financial health practices. It checks that the software complies with meaningful use requirements.  

Patient Health Information Management  

The ePHI storage tool allows users to store patient records electronically. Moreover, the software streamlines patient data sharing. Adding to that, the program also allows users to check patients. It keeps track of how patients are moving through the medical facility or system  

Operations Management  

The software simplifies and supports administrative procedures including: 

Reporting, document management, inventory control, and registration.  

Moreover, it backs up office procedures including scheduling, registration, recordkeeping, and billing/finances. Also, the integration with third-party resources is made simpler and supported. Adding to that, the application improves workflows and facilitates effective communication between departments. It coordinates various systems to optimize all organizational duties and processes.  

Decision Analysis  

The software allows users to archive conversations for later use. It develops plans based on decisions and goals that have been reached. Moreover, the software also provides a record of previous judgments for future use.  

Epic EMR Demo  

The software does not have a demo option available on the company’s official website. However, the users can still get a demo of the software through third-party vendors. All they have to do is reach out to the vendors by filling out an online form on their website. The vendors reach back to the potential customers as soon as a request is made. The demo enables users to interact with the interface of the software. It allows them to check how the system exactly works. This makes their decision-making and buying process very easier.  

Epic EMR Cost  

The company does not have a transparent pricing plan. It does not provide a pricing quotation on the official website. However, users can contact third-party vendors. They can request the cost of Epic EHR software beforehand.  

Epic EHR Review  

The software has positive user satisfaction with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on G2 and 4.37 on Software Advice. Both of these are credible software review websites. The following are the top-performing reasons for a such positive rating:  

Features, user-friendliness, affordability, and client support. 


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