5 Important Characteristics of a Good Marketing Translator

5 Important Characteristics of a Good Marketing Translator

The translation is a challenging process. It requires translators to be at least proficient in two or more languages. Besides this fact, there are certain niches and fields that require additional skills. The translation agencies need to ensure they assign the tasks to the translators as per their expertise and experience level. Translation work has many divisions. A few subjects ask for experienced translators with subject matter expertise, whereas others ask for technical insight. Likewise, translators also understand their capabilities well and accept the tasks as per their caliber and experience. we can do all thease things through Marketing Translator.

Professional transcreation services are extensive and challenging tasks and demand particular skills from the translators to ace these tasks. With the ever-growing trend of globalization and business expansion, there is a visible surge in the demand for marketing translators and transcreators. Therefore, if you look forward to higher a good team of transcreators to translate your marketing and multimedia content, you need to make sure that the team hired and translators have these particular skills.

  1. Approach and attitude

A translator who intends to try his hands at marketing translation or wants to be a transcreator should be an individual with good cognitive skills, a positive approach, and a good attitude. The career of a translator starts with his proficiency in two languages. If there are two or more individuals who have expertise in the same language pair, their career paths may differ from each other due to the individual approach and attitudes.

A lot of translators work as freelancers and have their approach set to accept work from a certain translation agency and refuse the other. In any case, as a translator, you should have a good approach and positive attitude to woo your clients, network, and use referrals whenever needed. All this implies that your work should speak for itself. Also, you should keep honing your skills to get maximum work.

  1. Marketing skills

For the task of translating marketing content, a translator should have the relevant skills. Once he understands the idea of marketing and selling things he can put better effort to ensure that he is doing his job the right way. The translators should be sorted on how to present and market themselves to explore more opportunities and identify the work. Marketing skills can help them in this regard. Also, there is a lot of information available online so you should use the right marketing techniques to ensure that you polish your skills accordingly.

  1. Cultural knowledge

When it comes to marketing and professional subtitling the translators who pick up the assignment should understand that marketing text and its translation asks for the identification of new strategies to work on to enter a particular target market. Connecting with the target customers and giving tough competition can also cater to the local consumers and their needs. A good marketing translator though has to take care of all these aspects.

These all factors are only possible to cater to when the translator understands his target audience, their culture, and market norms. Language has a direct connection with culture. Also, translation can only get accurate when the translator understands the specific words to use and when he understands his perspective of consumers. A marketing translator therefore can only excel well when he has the right cultural knowledge, knows how to use idiomatic expressions righty, and knows the common words that are used by the people and their significance. It might talk about local traditions, consumer preferences and behavior, and laws and regulations.

  1. Analytical mind

A marketing translator with a great analytical mind can have a significant impact on his work. It is extremely vital for him to analyze the content while translating the marketing and professional voice-over services. These all require translation in a particular format and pattern. So, analyzing the document with the proper context of the translation in view of his cultural and local market knowledge is a must. The client might not be clear about the target market however, the translator is expected to be good at it.

Furthermore, he should implement the proper knowledge in his translations. He can also have an open discussion with his client about adding or omitting certain things. Additionally, in the marketing content, a lot of content gets tough to translate particularly with the reference to marketing knowledge. He can also give his suggestions to make the content better.

  1. Adaption

Adoption is often used with the terms of modern methods employed in marketing translation. The translators using this method not only polish their creativity but also adapts the content from one language to another. This implies that the translator should put maximum effort to make the marketing content compelling and persuasive. Also, it should be as good and electrifying as the original.

A bland and plain conversion of text doesn’t go well with the marketing content. The translator should have the relevant skills to make his marketing content shine in the target market. All the big translation companies in the world and the USA make sure that they hire a good team. A team of transcreators who not only understand the context but also get training frequently to hone their skills. It is significant to keep up with the fast pace of the marketing world and content.


Translation is a process that demands more than proficiency in two languages. The translators who intend to translate the marketing content could be asked for different skills as compared to those who opt to become medical translators. A marketing translator should have a good approach and positive attitude, sound cultural knowledge of his target market, and an analytical mind to have a good grasp of relevant text.


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