3 Causes Of A Saggy Mattress And How To Avoid It

3 Causes Of A Saggy Mattress And How To Avoid It

Everyone loves a good night’s rest on their mattress. Then, they wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Mattresses that are too sagging in the middle can cause back pain and disrupt sleep patterns. While there are some things you can do that will extend the life of your mattress’s lifespan, eventually, all mattresses will need replacing. However, it is recommended to replace your best mattress that won’t sag at least once every ten years.

In that case, in this post, we will discuss three of the most common reasons for a sagging mattress, as well as ways to prevent those reasons from occurring.

Three Major Causes Of Sagging Mattresses

  1. Sleeping Positions

Whether you sleep alone, with a spouse, or with a pet, your mattress shape and balance will alter over time. Sleeping postures can cause sagging in several ways.

  • You sleep on either the right or left side of the mattress every night.
  • If you spoon or cuddle all night, one point of your mattress may sink.
  • Finally, if you sleep with a pet, their position may sink too.

The mattress sags largely where your shoulders and hips are due to your weight.

  1. Inadequate Support

If the box springs or bed don’t provide enough support, your mattress may sag. Especially for the best queen bed and king-size beds that need support. Because they’re big, if some parts are weak, they’ll sink.

It’s smart to get good beds and box springs. To avoid straining the mattress, fix any broken bed parts.

  1. Wear Or Tear

Mattresses eventually wear out. Latex, spring, and foam mattresses lose strength over time. Traditional spring mattresses may lose their stiffness to bounce back when you sleep on them. In such positions, the mattress will sag. Foam and latex mattresses can mold over time when the materials compress.

How To Stop Sagging?

Regular Dent Inspection Of The Mattress

Monthly mattress balance checks are recommended. That way, you can spot unflat sections early and correct them. Flip your mattress at least every six months. The top is down and the bottom is up. Flipping the head to face the tail is also wonderful. It balances the mattress’s weight and prevents drooping.

Before flipping the mattress, check the manufacturer’s handbook. Turn the bed if you can’t.

Sleeping Position Changes

How to do that:

  • If you sleep on one side, switch sides occasionally.
  • Alternate sleeping sides with your companion.

These will prevent one side from sagging due to one or both of your weights.


Please add a box spring to your bed if your manufacturer suggests it. It extends the life of your mattress by supporting it. If your mattress breaks before the guarantee expires, it could help you submit a claim.

To maintain balance, promptly repair any broken bed parts.

Replacement Mattresses

After you’ve given the aforementioned solutions a shot, it’s time to get a new mattress. You can satisfy all of your mattress needs by coming to one of our locations. We provide you with mattresses that are of high quality and will last a long time so that you can get a good night’s rest.


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