September 30, 2022 9:03 am
Water Heater

Water Heater

Finding yourself in a shower when the water heater turns off can be extremely frustrating. Water heater issues are common, but if delayed for longer, they could cause expensive repairs. Most problems can be easy to solve. There may be others lurking and ruining your water heater. These issues require the assistance of a plumber for water heater repair in Sacramento. Instead of attempting a DIY solution, you should contact an expert plumber because your inadequate knowledge about the appliance may escalate the problem.

Here Are A Few Reasons Behind Your Water Heater Shutting Off Frequently.

  • Gas Leak

A gas water heater may shut off if the gas cuts off because of a broken valve. You should call a professional and your gas provider if you believe there is a gas leak because this is an emergency. Additionally, avoid attempting to repair a broken gas valve yourself because you risk creating a leak and endangering your property and yourself. Experts will guide you about the best water heater if the need arises.

  • Thermostat Issue

A defective heating element can be the issue if you have an electric water heater. Despite the thermostat’s instructions to the contrary, it can continue heating the water. The reset button or breaker may also be tripped. A skilled technician can find the root cause — an issue with the heating coil or thermostat.

  • Dirt Clogging

Gas heaters have air inlet screens at the bottom that can become clogged with pet hair, soot, dust, and other debris. The water heater will turn off if the air inlet screen is blocked because inadequate air can enter to operate the gas burners. It is important to schedule yearly water heater maintenance since debris build-up causes obstructions. The major issue is clogging. The most common problem that results in shutdowns is a clogged thermocouple. If it cannot detect heat from the pilot light, this component of the water heater has the power to turn the entire unit off.

  • Less Fuel

If the gas water heater receives less fuel, it may be because of a faulty gas valve or a leak or because dirty air inlets block oxygen from reaching the main burners, resulting in a shutdown. It is advisable to call a professional plumber for the best solution.


A water shutting off may be damaging itself. Sooner you contact qualified assistance, the better. If you ever smell natural gas from your water heater, immediately leave your house, shut off the gas, and contact your gas provider for emergency help. It is imperative to figure out what is causing your water heater to shut off. The cost of diagnosing the problem should not exceed the cost of fixing it. Schedule the annual water heater maintenance from the best HVAC company in Sacramento to inspect the water heater’s entire functioning. You should pay attention to its functioning because it reduces the problems you may face in the future. If you want a new water heater, contact experienced plumbers for the best suggestions.

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