October 7, 2022 4:07 pm
Why Deleting Location Details from Your Pictures is Important?

Why Deleting Location Details from Your Pictures is Important?

Technological advancement today means that a lot of your private information is being stored by various enterprises for commercial purposes. This doesn’t mean that they will be involved in something dark and sinister; it could just be used for marketing and advertising purposes only.

However, this factor still irks many people that their private information is being captured and stored by Google. A lot of personal user information is obtained with something as simple as a photo, which in technical terms, is known as metadata.

This is mostly captured by your phone camera or related phone apps after you click a photo with your phone location turned on, or your geotags enabled in your phone settings. These location-based settings record and document the phone’s model number, the time when the picture was clicked, along with other factors such as focal length or even light exposure.

Since our smartphones are always connected to the internet, and if your location is by default, switched on, then your phone camera will save the location where the image was taken. However, there are times when the service is unceremoniously down, contact your local internet provider right away, so that you never miss a moment of fun, especially when you are uploading cool pictures on your Instagram. Just don’t forget to erase the time-stamp and you are good to go!


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Top Reasons Why You Need to Delete Location Details from Your Photos

Enabling the location feature in your new smartphone may come under a list of factors that ruin your privacy, as it allows Google to track your daily whereabouts. Even if you do turn off the location feature, you may still be at risk for many apps are actively storing your location data. You can check this by yourself with Google Search, or even with Google Maps as some of your images may come with a timestamp, registering an approximate time/place of your exact location. Although many people may consider this feature as intrusive and a risk to their privacy, enabling the location features has been quite helpful in several ways.


For instance, this feature has helped people who have moved to a new city by helping them find personalized service options (like spas, salons, etc.). It has also saved many young women, who were about to be targeted for heinous street crimes, that are often rampant in cosmopolitan cities. Although many people may have realized that they don’t want their location details to show up online or via the time-stamp on the clicked photo, it brings up another important query: how does one remove location data from pictures that may already contain it?


Some Ways to Remove Location Details from Your Photos

Luckily, this is quite an easy process and it takes mere seconds to remove location details from your pictures, both on your phone and your laptop. Simply go to the Photos app and select the image whose location details you want to delete. Click on the top right corner of the image and tap on remove location data. However, if selecting each image sounds tedious to you, there is another way through which you can remove geotags altogether. Simply change your camera settings and disable location access, so the next time you click a picture, there are no geotags attached.


However, if all your images have been transferred to your laptop or your desktop and it just dawned on you that you hadn’t deleted your location details from the images, you can also do this on your PC. Simply right-click on the image and open its properties. Click on ‘Remove Properties and Personal Information’ and you are good to go! Unfortunately, selecting each image and making such a change might seem time-consuming, so select a method that can perform this function in bulk.


Use Free Tools Online to Delete Location Data from Your Pictures

If the above-mentioned methods have not been able to achieve the results that you are looking for, then you can also try many online tools that are available online, and will remove location data from your pictures for zero charges. Just upload the picture, click on remove, and download your brand new picture. One online tool that’s often raved about is Ver EXIF. This is a fantastic tool, which comes with a user-friendly interface and zero costs. In addition to this, the website is also available in several languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian to name a few.


Wrapping Up

Disabling your location or removing the EXIF data can make a huge difference and vastly control the data that you are willingly ready to share. If you don’t want your pictures with the location details showing up online, it is better to not share them nor post them on social media platforms such as Facebook. Facebook comes with an option where the user can select whether they want search engines to list their profile when someone searches for them online or not.