September 30, 2022 9:43 am

Fingerboard began as merely a time-pass hobby for most people and more like a toy for the kids to play with. But the popularity of finger boarding has skyrocketed over the years and is way beyond just a hobby now.  

Finger boarding is considered a real sport, just like skateboarding, and its various tournaments take place all around the world.  

Riders can customize fingerboards and recreate cool skateboarding tricks using these with their fingers. And you know the best part about fingerboards is that you can play with them inside your house. 

The best part, there are multiple brands and even online stores offering the best range of boards in different graphics, trucks, decks, custom ramps, wheels, etc. Therefore, it’s hard to choose the best one for yourself considering the huge variety available in the marketplace. 

If you are a beginner as far as finger boarding is concerned, do skim through this weblog until the end to find that perfect fingerboard to nail the sport. However, if you are planning to buy a fingerboard that is just right for you, then pay heed to the factors mentioned below. 

Essential Factors to Consider while Buying a Fingerboard

Comfortable to Your Fingers Size 

Fingerboards retail in many designs, sizes, and even customized ones are designed nowadays which resemble real skateboards. Always follow this exercise to check various fingerboards- First, it will be helpful if you place your index and middle fingers on the front and back sides of it to pick the right fingerboard. If your fingers aren’t stretched too much, only then consider the board right for you.  

Next, you can try rolling your fingers back and forth to see how the wheels handle. Finally, push down on the board’s front, back, and sides to test how it handles, as it shouldn’t be too flimsy.  

The fingerboards must feel comfortable when held in your hands to be able to perform various tricks easily. 

High-Quality Plywood Material 

Fingerboards are evolving over time. In earlier times, fingerboards were made of plastic, but nowadays, plywood materials are used for building these boards. Their decks are made of supreme quality plywood to offer durability.  

You can get many such fingerboards from online stores and markets both at quite affordable prices combined with generous discounts. Moreover, wooden fingerboards are more friendly to the environment and ecosystem than those of plastic and are cheap too.

Customizing Option For Riders 

You can customize your fingerboard with various required elements as it empowers buyers to design their board using their creative minds. It adds a sense of personalization that customers like the most in the recent market. In addition, an extensive line of cool and creative boards with diverse decks. And creative tracks adds more fun to the joy of riding. 

It is a best-suited example of finger boards as a work of art. You can get them decorated in vibrant colors patterned with quirky geometric figures. Additionally, riders nowadays also demand funky stickers, which are easy and simple to paste over the deck and can adorn their fingerboard boarding surfaces the way they want in a few seconds. 

Customized Trucks and Wheels 

 Riders know the value of great wheels and truck bearings as they give agility and maximize control of the boarding surface. In addition, finger-boards with comfortable wheels provide additional control to your fingers and tracks.  

People decorate their fingerboards just the way they decorate much larger skateboards using various design stuff. So, riders can also decorate trucks and wheels with cool stickers, making it tempting to ride over. You can get your fingerboard customized in various online stores that provide customizing services or can even design it yourself. 

Customized Ramps For Riding 

If you want to buy custom fingerboard ramps, you should look for customized ramps that are well built with great obstacles. A customized ramp can take your fingerboard experience to the next level.

Summing Up 

Fingerboards are so much cooler than you imagine. Children can play with them in their free time or whenever they feel bored. You can perform different tricks and flips on fingerboards using your hands. 

You can buy custom fingerboards for a more personalized experience and then learn all those amazing boarding tricks you see professionals performing. No doubt, if you are a beginner or professional fingerboard player, playing around can add on more skills. So, why not learn this fun sport and take your fingerboard to the whole next level?

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