Transform Your Home with the TV Wall Mounted on your wall

Transform Your Home with the TV Wall Mounted on your wall

If you are looking to transform the look and feel of your home, consider mounting your TV on the wall. This simple trick can instantly modernize any living room or den while creating a functional and stylish focal point. Not only will it give your home an updated look, but it can also make viewing more comfortable and convenient. Wall mounting your TV will also free up floor space, allowing you to rearrange furniture or open up the area for more seating.

Benefits of mount the TV

Mounting your television to the wall can be a great way to open up space and create an aesthetically pleasing environment in your home. There are several benefits of mounting a TV on the wall, including improved viewing angles and convenience.


For starters, mounting a TV on the wall will help clear up space in any room. This is particularly useful for those living in smaller spaces such as apartments or condos where every inch counts. When you mount your TV you can free up floor and countertop space for other items, such as furniture or decorations. Additionally, it’s more aesthetically pleasing than having an entertainment center occupying much of the room’s footprint. Some other benefits are:

Viewing Angle Flexibility

Mounting a television on the wall offers many benefits to homeowners looking for flexible viewing angles. Not only does a wall mount give more room in the home, but it also allows for greater control of the viewing angle. Viewers can adjust their screen to watch from any position in the house with ease.


This flexibility of viewing angles makes mounting a television on the wall an ideal choice for family rooms and common areas where different people will be sitting at different distances from the TV. By adjusting the angle of your TV, you’ll be able to ensure everyone has an optimal view without having to move furniture or strain their necks. Additionally, because it’s mounted higher up, there’s no need to worry about little hands and paws making any adjustments!


To get the best of your viewing angle, you need to make sure the TV is mounted at the correct height. To learn more about the optimal height to install your TV, I suggest reading the article: How High Should a TV Be Mounted on The Wall.


Cable Management

One of the most significant advantages of mounting a flat screen TV on the wall is that you no longer have to worry about tangled wires or cables lying around. This is because all wiring and connecting devices such as HDMI cables are hidden behind the television, which creates an aesthetically pleasing effect.


This way, family members and guests do not have to be subjected to seeing unsightly wires or cables strewn around the room. Also, mounting a flat screen TV on the wall frees up floor space in front of it which can be used for other purposes like adding furniture or decorations.


Mounting a television on the wall offers many benefits in addition to providing a sleek and modern look for any room. One of the biggest advantages is that it can help keep everyone safe and secure.


As televisions become larger, heavier, and more complex, mounting them safely can be difficult. When TVs are not properly secured, they can easily tip over and cause injury to anyone nearby. Wall mounting ensures that your TV is stable at all times, reducing the risk of a tipping hazard or other safety issue. Additionally, when mounted on the wall it’s easy to keep cords out of reach from children or pets who may accidentally pull them down while playing or exploring. Having cables securely tucked away helps prevent tripping accidents as well as electrical shock risks from exposed wires.


Wall mounting also helps protect your television from damage caused by curious little hands and paws too!

Choosing the Right Mount

When it comes to getting the best viewing experience from your television, choosing the right mount is key. Whether you’re looking for a flat mount or a full-motion arm, there are several things you should consider before making your purchase.


The size of your TV is probably the most important factor; make sure whatever mount you go with can handle the size and weight of your television. If you plan on putting the TV in a corner, opt for an adjustable corner mount that allows maximum tilt and swivel functions. For larger TVs, make sure to choose a wall bracket with both vertical and horizontal adjustments so that you can easily adjust its positioning as needed.


In addition to size and function, consider how much space is available around where your TV will be mounted.


Preparing the Wall for Mounting

Mounting a wall can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Preparation is key to making sure the project is completed properly and safely. Taking the time to prepare the walls correctly before mounting will save you time and money in the long run.


Before starting your mount project, make sure you have all the necessary tools. You’ll need an electric drill, screws or anchors, a leveler, and other tools based on what type of mount you’re using. Measure the area where you want your mount installed and mark where each hole needs to be drilled into your wall for mounting.


Check for any electrical wiring or plumbing behind the wall just in case so as not to damage them in any way. That way, when it comes time for installation, everything is already prepped and ready!


Installing the mount and TV onto the wall is not necessarily a difficult task. However, you need to have the correct tools, someone to help you, and follow a few specific steps to make sure the installation is a smooth process.


Basically, the steps to install the mount are: find the correct spot, align the wall mount on the wall, drill the holes, hang brackets to the wall, and mount the wall. That being said, the installation is important enough that it deserves an article on its own.

Alternatives to wall mount

Although mounting the TV on the wall is the ultimate goal for most people. There will be circumstances that it is just not possible. Rental properties are a typical example, as landlords usually do not allow tenants to carry out the installation. Other examples are plaster walls that cannot hold the weight of a TV, or insufficient space to do so.


Floor standing TV with a mourning plate is an excellent option where the TV cannot be mounted on the wall. The mounting plate provides a safe surface to mount the TV upon. No installation is required and the viewer can place the floor stand anywhere he or she wants.


Another advantage of the TV floor stand is that it can be easily moved, as it is not permanently attached to the floor or wall.


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