October 7, 2022 6:26 pm


Online tutoring offers many benefits to teachers, but it comes with its challenges. The tutors must keep the basics in check to provide a good learning experience to the students. In addition, they should keep familiarising themselves with the newer online tutoring practices to improve the quality of their sessions. We have jotted down the basic tips for the same. Let’s have a look.

Best Ways For Teachers To Improve Online Tutoring Sessions

Be Comfortable in Using Technology

Online tutoring majorly depends on your skill level in using a computer and other related online applications. To improve the overall online teaching experience, the tutors must be comfortable using technology.

It helps teachers to effectively operate online tutoring platforms and video call applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Moreover, they can troubleshoot any issues that occur during the remote session. Such as adjusting the audio levels, video feed not working, etc.

However, the most important thing is to ensure that all the equipment is of good quality. Having a microphone with quality audio, a webcam with good clarity, a fast internet connection, etc will automatically uplift the experience of your tuition classes.

Keep The Sessions Interactive

Online tutors must keep the classes interactive to ensure learners’ engagement. Unlike face-to-face tuition or offline group sessions, the tutors are not physically present in online classes. For this reason, it becomes difficult to keep the students focused and disciplined.

However, the tutors can still use some useful practices to maintain the learners’ interests to the same level. One of the best approaches is to incorporate light humour in online classes. The learners don’t find the sessions boring when the teacher tells a joke or a funny example related to the concept.

The key to engaging the students is to make them participate during the class. So, you should keep the focus to involve the learners in the sessions by using one way or the other. For instance, the teachers can instruct the students to type their responses to a question in the group chat box. This way, they can keep the tutees active in the class.

Develop Expertise in The Subject

This tip works for both offline and online tutors. You should constantly keep improving and adding up to your knowledge to ensure a quality learning experience for the students in online classes. With consistent efforts in the right direction, the teachers can familiarise themselves with potentially problematic concepts. Thus, when the time comes to teach those topics, they can use a different approach to explain them in a simplified manner. 

Moreover, the tutors can get to know which topics are more important for exams and hold a higher marks weightage. Accordingly, they can put more emphasis on the sections that help the learners score well in exams.

However, only having information about important topics doesn’t make you a good tutor. You should focus on explaining the respective topic in the most simplified manner possible. Because ultimately tutoring, whether offline or remote, boils down to conveying the concepts to the students in a simple and easy-to-understand way. 

Welcome Each Advice and Suggestion

No matter how better you teach, there is always a scope for improvement. Reputable tutors understand the importance of reviews and advice. For this reason, they appreciate it when someone gives them suggestions to improve.

The best way to know about the potential areas of improvement is to ask the students directly. The learners with whom you regularly interact can give you the best advice. Whether they want you to increase or decrease the speed of sessions or want to learn a topic from a different approach.

These small changes can lead to huge improvements in your tutoring sessions in the long term. Consequently, online tutors can become the best version of themselves by gradually improving their services. Moreover, they should also take the parents’ suggestions to make changes to their tutoring sessions. This way, staying open to suggestions can benefit the tutors.  

Be Flexible in Teaching

It is a must-have quality for the tutors that leads to a considerable improvement in online sessions. As the preferred way of learning differs for every individual, the teacher should be ready to adapt accordingly. 

For instance, some students learn better when the teacher uses visual elements in the class, such as images, video clips, etc. On the other hand, others prefer the teacher to dictate the formulas to learn them effectively. 

In simple words, the teachers should take time to analyse the students’ performance and collect details about their learning capabilities and preferences. Afterwards, they make changes to their way of teaching to complement the student’s academic requirements. 

Work in Collaboration With The Students

One of the most effective online tutoring approaches is to work collaboratively with the students to solve their learning problems. Online tutors must act like learners’ friends to provide them with the best learning experience. With the help of open discussions with the tutees, the teachers can facilitate an active learning environment. 

It does not mean that the online teachers have to solve the subject problems on the learners’ behalf. They just need to give students the liberty to try solving questions and committing mistakes. Because mistakes are great opportunities for the students towards academic improvement.

For example, the teachers offering Math tutoring services can give hints to the students to attempt the problems, after explaining the concept. Whether they will be able to find a way to solve the questions or not. But one thing is sure: the students try to deal with the subject problems on their own, which ultimately benefits their learning.


Just like any other profession, online tutoring needs continuous efforts to ensure getting the most rewarding teaching opportunities. With the help of the tips mentioned above, teachers can make the most out of online tutoring. Moreover, the tutors should try to develop a good personal connection with the students. It helps the learners to discuss academic as well as personal problems more openly, which ultimately makes things easy for online tutors.