October 7, 2022 3:06 pm
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Dubai is one of the happening places in the world, especially on new year’s evening. From scintillating fireworks to beachside celebrations, the city offers hundreds of ways to welcome the new year. Irrespective of the way to ring the new year 2023, sitting in a comfortable place or wandering across the best destinations could also be the right choice for tourists. Indulge yourself in a number of activities such as singing, dancing, enjoying fireworks and parting all night. It’s fascinating that people come all around the world to admire the beauty of this evergreen city. So, if you’re planning to visit Dubai in the new year, choices are unlimited. Let’s dive into some of the best activities or places to welcome 2023 in a style. 

  • Astounding Firework on Burj Khalifa

In order to catch the most beautiful and astounding fireworks to welcome 2023 in Dubai, head towards Burj Khalifa. This tallest structure in the world grabs the attention of both locals and tourists. On new year’s eve, people take part in the final countdown to spot scintillating fireworks. Some of the significant attractions to moving towards Burj Khalifa are exceptional fireworks, an appealing light show and water activities on 31st December night.  Visit the place in the evening to grab your position.

There’s no better way to welcome your very first day of the year from the world’s tallest building. be one of the millions of visitors and celebrate this auspicious day with style. No doubt, Burj Khalifa will be one of the topmost places to welcome 2023.

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a yacht 

The New Year 2023 will usher with the vision of a more peaceful and prosperous future. It’s a time to celebrate life, party all evening, and start embracing the optimism that lies for all of us. if you’re looking for the best way to enjoy the new year, yacht rental Dubai must be on your bucket list. Enjoy spectacular fireworks, a delicious buffet, live music, and much more. However, it’s suggested to book your yacht a few months before as the new year yacht party is one of the top favourite activities among visitors. 

Witness Dubai’s stunning fireworks while cruising in an elegant setting.  Dubai Marina is an amazing tourist destination in Dubai, but for New Year’s Eve, it’s more special. People make plans for this majestic evening out for the emergence of the new year. Enjoy the best time to the fullest and observe Dubai’s most spectacular firework show all across Palm and Burj Al Arab. 

End up making this New Year’s Eve more unforgettable by sailing with Mala yachts.

  • Reserve a table at Palm Jumeirah

If you want to catch the spectacular firework of the new year 2023 in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is the best part of the city. Some of the best restaurants and hotels of Palm Jumeirah offer ideal hotspots to watch live concerts, and performances, as well as stunning fireworks scattering all over the sky. Pyrotechnics shows are part of Palm Jumeirah. 

It would be best to reserve a table in advance in order to watch the beauty of Dubai with fireworks and delicious meals. Firework in the shape of a palm gives you a splendid view of the visitors. Ensure to reach there in the morning and pick the perfect setting to reside till midnight.

  • Dubai Opera

In order to enjoy Dubai with soothing music on New Year’s Eve, head towards Dubai Opera. Have an experience of watching live music, catching fashion shows, comedy shows, family events, as well as special dinners with your family or friends. Dubai Opera also offers the Steller shows Once the clock ticks 12. The DJ starts with the best beats in order to welcome the new year exceptionally. You must brace yourself to indulge in real party vibes at Dubai Opera. 

  • New year in the desert

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting way to welcome 2023 in Dubai. Desert Safari is the perfect spot to celebrate the new year amid copious live dance performances. It’s fascinating to know that Desert safari Dubai offers a meal including delicious dishes, you can go on a camel ride, and have fun with your friends and family. Enjoy the night wearing Arabic outfits, capture selfies, and spend new year’s night under the glittering stars. People planning to celebrate new year’s night in a unique way visit this place. 

Moreover, sheesha party, Tanura show, belly dance, sandboarding, as well as dune bashing are some of the highlights of a desert safari tour.  Desert Safari Dubai offers a plethora of fun-filled activities to welcome 2023 in an amazing and unique way.

  • Have fun at La Mer

Another best destination to enjoy the new year 2023 celebration is La Mer, enjoy along the beachside. The place allows you to enjoy the new year’s occasion with your family. You must come here and indulge in some of the outdoor fun-filled activities on the eve. In order to get the utmost fun on the new year’s occasion. You can also enjoy beachside chalets, watersports galore, and much more. Have immense fun with your kids at the carnival rides Once the clock ticks 12, the tourists spot the splendid views of the fireworks.

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