September 30, 2022 10:39 am

Two businesswomen discussing at office

Job interviews are some of our work-life journey’s most thrilling and exciting parts. It is the starting point where job applicants gather their documents, create resumes, and showcase their personalities, skills, and many more. Job interviews would somehow take lots of time, especially since employers carefully observe every candidate to know which one deserves a spot in their workplace. Now, what are the things that you must consider right before your interview? What are the things to be remembered and followed?

Proper Clothing

When working, rules and specific regulations regarding attire must be followed. During the interview, it is best to wear clothes that are suitable for working, not too revealing or too plain, but also not way too casual. Clothes would significantly impact your first impression of the employers, the way you dress if you look clean or too shaggy. Looking presentable is what’s best. And thinking that your clothes are something that wouldn’t bother you later on, especially when following or doing challenging tasks. 

Research About the Company

Before the interview, you must check the company you’re about to join. Get to know their background, how they started, where they first stood up as a company, how they treated their fellow employees, and how the customers and their clients rate them. If their treatment and the business have a great set of ratings, you’re in a suitable workplace.  The interview might ask you specific details like what you already knew about the company; regardless, you must be prepared and get to answer things such as those.

Review All Possible Questions

Just like what we’re used to doing during university examinations, it is much better to review all the possible questions to be asked by the interview. Basic questions such as what you used to do for a living, where you studied, your past credentials and experiences right before being here in their company, and all the details and things that the company must know about you. It is not required for you to memorize some sort of script when answering their questions, but instead, try reviewing it to lessen the panic felt when being interviewed later on. Sounding calm and confident would have an impact on the others. 

Attitude towards Interviewers

Before, during, and even after, a proper attitude towards other people must be maintained. It is something to be done not only during work hours but every day; respecting and being polite is one of the essential things you could do, especially when talking and interacting with people. During an interview, you must sound polite and respectful, ensuring that your way of speaking to others doesn’t sound like you are bragging or bored. Attitude doesn’t only focus on verbal but also physical; knowing how to act, such as your mannerisms, hand gestures, and even how you sit while the interview is ongoing, should be remembered.

Time Check!

Interviewees are told what time to come for the upcoming interview, with that you must be early and not late. Preparing all the documents, you must bring the day before the big event, the clothing, the things you must bring, personal necessities and such. Being late in your job interview sounds like a nightmare; you wouldn’t want to go to your interview with wet hair and unbrushed hair, wrinkled clothes, and even a lack of documents to be presented.

Check your documents

Right before the interview, you’re to create the documents you would hand out to the interviewers and employers. Ensuring that all your documents are complete and uncrumpled. It is much better to print copies just in case they get wet, crumpled, or torn. Also, checking for any typographical errors in your documents would be great, from your resume designs and your cover letter format. Ensure that your files would be easy to read and comprehend by the reader; the format and order of the details should be arranged depending on their content, making things organized and clean. 

Maintaining a decent attitude toward other individuals is necessary before, during, and even after. Being respectful and courteous is something that should be practiced not only at work but also on a daily basis, especially while speaking and dealing with others. You must be courteous and considerate when chatting to others during an interview to avoid coming across as arrogant or uninterested. Knowing how to act, including your mannerisms, hand gestures, and even how you sit while the interview is going on, is important because attitude doesn’t just rely on verbal but also on physical communication.


Before the interview, you must prepare your requirements and follow every guideline given by the company. Your social status is not necessary; what matters is how you ace your interview and complete it with confidence and class. Sound proud and sit properly; these basics would help you get your desired job.