Ten tips to prepare for E-commerce peak season

Ten tips to prepare for E-commerce peak season

The times have undergone a complete change. We used to rush to shopping malls at the end of each season to buy our favourite goods at a discount. But today, all we need to do is get our Smartphone and download the eCommerce applications, surf the application and finally buy your goodies at a discounted rate. ECommerce websites and applications experience a greater Rush and traffic than physical stores.


The huge demand at the peak season might cause concern for the manufacturers and the business person. It becomes difficult to entertain all the customers in light of inventory management and demand satisfaction. Customers usually expect a seamless shopping experience. Every website needs to prepare for the busiest season of The Year.


There is a lot to think about during this time. From calculating demand to increasing production and attracting customers with the help of campaigns and discounts and selecting the shipping aggregators, The E-Commerce aggregator has to think about everything in advance.


Below are the following tips, which everybody should remember for a Hustle free delivery and management during the peak season. Let us explore them one by one.


Collect Data regarding the times to come.

This is one of the essential parts of the entire campaign. It is impossible to predict the future with accuracy, but the collection of statistics is essential to devise a plan for the future. ECommerce companies need to forecast the expectations of consumers. This data will provide information about the budget and expectations of the consumers. Accordingly, inventory and production can be regulated.


Development of M-Commerce

Also referred to as Mobile commerce, this is one of the latest dimensions of e-commerce which has to be activated during the peak season for serving the customers in a better way. Reports have predicted that consumers spend more using mobile phones. That is why developing mobile-friendly User experience designs is necessary while preparing for the peak season. It helps to prevent disruption and diverts the flow of data.


Maintain the websites and applications.

The online website and the application are the interfaces through which the consumers shop for their favourite products. If the website takes time to load, the consumer can easily switch to the competitive website. That is why it is crucial to maintain the website before the peak season commences. It must be refreshed for any third-party interventions and the refresh rate must be optimised to increase the website’s speed.


Devise a marketing campaign.

Only a few users are active on eCommerce websites daily. It is essential on the part of the aggregator to communicate the availability of offers and discounts to increase traffic. E-Commerce companies have to prepare a marketing strategy. This marketing strategy should be launched beforehand to spread awareness about upcoming sales.


Hire a dedicated logistics partner.

Inventory management and dispatching the orders are important in deciding the customers’ satisfaction. Getting in touch with a dedicated and punctual logistics partner to fulfill the demand becomes the need of the Hour. It helps to avoid order cancellation and serve the customers in a better way. You can also hire an international courier services provider.


Hire more talent

Peak seasons are the busiest Times Of The Year. It is always advisable to hire the best talent in advance to manage everything properly and with clarity. These employees can be distributed to the marketing and sales department. New talent can also be recruited for human resource engagement to tackle customer complaints and concerns.


Establish contacts with suppliers.

Depending upon the available data, online companies can get an idea about the demand for the goods. Accordingly, they can contact the suppliers to boost the supply during the peak season so that the goods do not become out of stock early. Access to the wishlist and bucket list of the registered users can help decide the particular Expectations and prepare for the demand accordingly.


Set free shipping facilities.

Shipping is an important cost added to the goods purchased online. Users and customers feel exhilarated when the shipping becomes free. Online companies must set a threshold of minimum purchases beyond which shipping would be free of cost. It can be challenging for businesses, but the sales volume would increase with this method’s help.


Work on payment portals.

Around 75% of Shoppers make payments online on the E-commerce website and applications. Working on the payment portals is necessary to avoid discrepancies during heavy demand.


Work on the refunds and returns section.

For many reasons, most of the orders are refunded and returned on the online website. This can be related to the problem of size or quality. It is required for the aggregator to work on this section as soon as possible so that even the customer who returns the goods due to a genuine reason is not affected.


Importance of a shipping partner during peak season

The online company will not deliver the goods from one place to another. They will enter into a contract with a shipping aggregator. The companies will discover a reliable logistics partner and evaluate their delivery options. It is only with the help of these partners that it becomes feasible to easily satisfy the demand during peak season. There is a list of factors that every company should find in a shipping partner. The details of the same have been given the following way.


  • Area of domestic and international operation.
  • Cost of delivering the goods.
  • Availability of warehouses near the marketplaces.
  • Time of transportation
  • Tracking and accessibility of information



It is only with the help of these factors that it becomes possible to manage the busiest and craziest time of the year. If an ecommerce company can manage the demand at this point of time easily, the trusting confidence of the customers increases. This is technically the first step of the healthy Customer Management relationships.

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