Swarovski Jewellery

Swarovski Jewellery

Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, his passion for design is what has led the company to the world famous brand it is today. With vision to create “a diamond for everyone” Daniel Swarovski created a machine that would cut a gemstone more accurately than ever before which opened a new world for crystal. We stock a fantastic selection of Swarovski jewellery and accessories here at The Jewel Hut, so we are definitely the perfect place to get your Swarovski pieces from!

With over 125 years in mastered craftsmanship, Swarovski remains a family-owned business, and a world leader in cut crystal. Swarovski creates a wide range of stunning jewellery and accessories including, watches, home ware and jewellery for everyone. This is what has helped them grow over the years to the iconic brand we know and love today.

The inclusion of sustainability from Swarovski is a fundamental element to their success, including social responsibility since the early 1900’s. Including charity elements or sustainable architecture for their head office, Swarovski had thought of almost everything in their quest for sustainability and are very clearly on their way to achieving that in their industry.

The Swarovski collection available to purchase here at The Jewel Hut really does have everything you need to please everyone. No matter what you’re after there is sure to be the perfect addition of sparkle with Swarovski, with bold designs and simple elegance there is always going to be the perfect Swarovski piece available to purchase with us here at The Jewel Hut.

With many different collections that are available here at The Jewel Hut, including Swarovski Iconic Swan, Essentials, Attract, Crystal Heart, Infinity, Lifelong, Twist, Crystalline and the iconic Swarovski Figurines. There are plenty of Swarovski collections to choose from to please everyone. No matter your budget or what you’re after, Swarovski will add the charm you need for every occasion. From big crystal earrings to elegant crystal bracelets, Swarovski have it all.

Swarovski have even introduced real diamonds to their repertoire but adding lab-created diamonds to their jewellery and accessories. Adding a new level of luxury to their jewellery, Swarovski lab-grown diamonds are cutting edge and truly honour the brands creativity. Keeping in mind their goal to achieve a high sustainable way of production, the choice to create lab-grown diamonds is helping Swarovski advance in the jewellery industry.

With Swarovski offsetting their energy, the Swarovski Created Diamonds are completely carbon neutral. Distinguished by their laser engraving, all Swarovski diamonds are engraved with their logo for authentication. They also include coloured diamonds within their lab created collection, providing buyers with over 16 different colours to choose from, as well as multiple shapes and styles due to the innovative cutting techniques used by Swarovski from the beginning.Explore our fantastic selection of Swarovski jewellery and accessories available to purchase here at The Jewel Hut. Find everything you need for yourself or to give someone special a little bit sparkle for every occasion with Swarovski. Shop our selection of Swarovski online now!


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