St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Business

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Business

While St. Patrick’s Day may be a smaller holiday, there are plenty of fun ways to use this season to help promote your business and increase involvement with your website or store. Holidays can be one of the easier marketing strategies to utilize because so many people love the opportunity to celebrate and share their interests with one another.

But by making sure you have some solid marketing strategies, you can really capitalize on the speciality of a holiday that comes around only once a year. These strategies can help boost people’s interaction with you and your products and will provide some positive and fun associations which may lead to bigger successes in the future. 

Special Promotion of Wearing Green

This marketing idea comes from the tradition that, on St. Patrick’s Day, if you are not wearing you get pinched. A fun way to spin this around will be to give rewards or discounts to those who wear green in honor of the holiday! You can do anything from giving away free samples, to giving a certain percentage off of a service, to offering future discounts for this promotion.

What is nice about this specific marketing strategy is that it can be used in many different ways depending on what your business sells or offers, as long as they wear green.  Have fun with it and make sure that your promotion is well-advertised in advance so people know to wear green and show up on St. Patrick’s Day! 

Decorate Your Booth or Storefront

This simple strategy can really bring the holiday cheer for those visiting your store, or if you’re exhibiting, your trade booth. Decorating with green is an easy way to bring an eye-catching and festive feel to your business. You could even amp it up a bit with adding shamrocks and some gold to really bring that St. Patrick’s Day feel to it. You can add these same touches to a trade show booth if you are exhibiting in March as well.

Trade show booth ideas are a great way to attract people to your booth and increase involvement and exposure to your brand.  These decorations provide a positive feel to the experiences people have with your company and can attract more people which could, in-turn, boost your revenue and sales in the long run. 

Create a Marketing Email or Blog Post

Another pretty easy Marketing Strategy to include during this festive season is to design and create a marketing email or social media blog post to get people in the holiday mood. These exciting posts are really engaging to look at and can promote your business while wishing people a happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Sending a promotional email and posting on social media is a fast and effective way to keep making sure people are thinking of you and know what is being offered from your company.

These advertisements can also alert people to any holiday events you might be holding or any special promotions you have going on in this season. These emails and posts will allow people to stay updated on what your business is up to.  It can let them know how you guys are choosing to celebrate and how they could potentially participate in the fun you are having. Keep it loose and simple to help entice others to learn more about you and ways that they can have fun and celebrate this year for St. Patrick’s Day.


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