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Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Kobro

Sculptor and member of the Constructivist movement in Poland. Katarzyna Kobro of art embodied the process of creation. The name Katarzyna is Polish, meaning “Catherine”. She is a Polish sculptor whose name she identifies with. Her most important work started in Poland.  From Moscow in the 1920s as a child of mixed German and Russian descent. As a member of the Strzemiski family. she developed the concept of the spatial composition together with her husband. Love and patience were her guiding principles in life.

Life during childhood

The family in Moscow Katarzyna kobro Wikipedia to the world on 26 January 1898. Her parents were German-Baltic and Russian, and she was born in present-day Latvia. As a child, she lived in Riga before moving to Moscow with her family in 1915. From 1917-1920, he was a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Kobro fled to Poland in 1922 after marrying Polish artist Wadysaw Strzemiski (1893 – 1952). 

Professional life

As teachers, they settled in Szczekociny, a small town in Poland, and later moved to Koluszki. The Praesens Group  founded in 1926 by Kobro with Bohdan Lachert and Szymon Syrkus. But he left the group in 1929 due to content disagreements. Besides the Kobro and Strzemiski, the poets Jan Brzkowski and Julian Przybo started the a.r. group, usually interpreted as revolutionaries or avant-garde.

The museum of art in Od ‘was established with her help. They became members of the Abstraction group in 1932. This is one of the benefits she receives from her artwork. With love and decency, she designed the painting. Also, visit Pacman 30th anniversary


  • Kobro was a pioneering avant-garde artist during the interwar period. It “is Based” on the principle of absolute objectivism.
  • Having conducted experiments and analyzed spatial data. To create abstract art, she developed universal and aim rules.
  • It is uniform and lacks references in infinite space. Thus, she organized space in a way that wouldn’t form. Instead, it would coexist and penetrate space.
  • There is a great deal of quality and uniqueness in the artwork. There is full interest in the painting among every person. Colors and styles vary in the paintings. She creates very attractive artwork.

Katarzyna Kobro died at what age?

Her studio was By raiders to the Nazis during the invasion of Poland in 1939. Much of her work “is Defeated”.  Sudden Katarzyna Kobro cause of death Photographs are the only way to view others. There was a death in the family of Katarzyna Kobro age 53. During and after the war, Kobro’s life became unstable. Strzemiski’s efforts failed to prevent her from taking care of her daughter. 

The appeal for “straying from Polish nationality” took her six months to get her out of prison.” she also died from illness, which was the cause of death. Nudes are her first painting. As a follow-up, Siemiatycze crayon landscapes “were Initiated” in 1951. Daring distortions emphasize the human body’s formal complexity. The elaborateness of human bodies is his distorting technique. 


In her time with Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti. She pioneered female sculpture as a Parisian sculptor. While Katarzyna Kobro had an early interest in Cubism and Constructivism. Using abstract shapes and curving lines. She later incorporated human forms into her work. 

There are many famous museums in the world where Katarzyna kobro’s work can Seek out. Despite a few of her pieces have survived. he was a prominent female sculptor during the interwar period. Many artists “are inspired by” her works today, and her works have become even more popular after her death. Born in Russia in January 1898, Katarzyna moved to Poland as a child.