October 4, 2022 1:44 pm

Do you know that the most significant medical software companies make it simple to identify and utilize their features for patient registration, demographics, billing, e-prescribing, ordering lab work, telemedicine, and performance reporting? Kareo does this task superior to all of its competitors, and customers who utilize the business’ electronic medical record (EMR) system also receive practice management system (PMS) tools. As a result, Kareo has won our recognition as the top medical software for simplicity of use thanks to its flawless, trouble-free user experience. Let’s continue reading to learn more about Kareo EMR and Elation EMR.  

About Kareo EMR  

A cloud-based provider of health IT, Kareo EMR software offers EMR and Practice Management (PM) software and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. The Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 Certified and ICD-10 Ready Kareo Clinical Electronic Medical Records (EHR) Software.  

Through its extensive PM software, the Kareo EMR system enables an efficient workflow between back and front offices. The ideal assistant for office managers is Kareo Practice Management Software, which performs tasks like scheduling, insurance confirmation, delinquent account administration, collections procedure, patient file management, and customizable report production.  

Kareo Features  

The following are some salient characteristics of the medical software from Kareo:  

  • Appointment scheduling: Kareo’s fully configurable, color-coded calendar has a variety of filters and features for quick categorization and rescheduling.  
  • Billing instruments: Kareo streamlines your medical billing process by swiftly capturing costs, creating patient statements automatically, and automating payment reminders.  
  • Charting and taking notes: Kareo make examining and editing patients’ medical records simple.  
  • Claims and insurance: Kareo provide solutions for electronic filing, refused claims, rejected claims, and payment posting.  
  • E-prescribing and labs: Kareo’s e-prescribing and e-lab ordering services are accredited, and you can favorite prescriptions and labs.  
  • Flexible dashboard: Kareo has a very adaptable and user-friendly interface. 
  • Interoperability: Kareo has a list of the requirements for interoperability and is a member of CommonWell.  
  • Patient Portal: The patient portal from Kareo speeds up 24-hour secure communication with patients.  
  • Reporting: Data highlighting lost opportunities, trends, and inefficiencies are displayed in Kareo’s user-customizable report.  
  • Telehealth: Kareo’s EMR and practice management services are integrated with its telehealth platform.  

The best EMR/PM for clinics with one to 10 doctors is Kareo, but why is that?  

Kareo is the top EMR/PM for practices with 1 to 10 doctors since it can fully accommodate independent practices’ and their patients’ requests. Practices may make appointments for patients, check to see if they have insurance, handle past-due bills and the collection process, maintain patient information, generate reports, and more with Kareo EMR.  

After registration, practices might begin as soon as 48 hours later. The system starts at a low monthly fee, with no contracts or setup fees, and you won’t have to worry about keeping the software up to date. Kareo Clinical EMR can be used in various medical specialties, including chiropractic, family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, and more.  

Drawbacks of Kareo  

Kareo has a limited feature set but no significant downsides. For example, to increase their earnings, some would require practical advice; Kareo cannot do this. However, because the solution is so simple to use, reasonably priced, and comprehensive, you might be able to maximize your income without formal consultation.   

Users’ express dissatisfaction with the inability to generate progress notes, complicated billing processes, poor third-party software interfaces, and inept customer service.  

Elation EMR can replace Kareo EMR?

Elation is an electronic medical record (EMR) system created by Clinical First that helps you deliver outstanding care by increasing office productivity and streamlining communication between you and your patients. Elation EMR software also makes it possible for primary care doctors and practices to offer their patients the best possible treatment.  

Features Elation EMR provides  

  • Patient Records: By automating administrative and charting activities using the Elation EMR system, you’ll have more time to concentrate on essential treatment choices. This software’s advantages are computerized ordering, pre-written notes, clinical reminders, and straightforward charting.   
  • Patient Portal: The patient portal is yet another advantageous feature of Elation EMR software. Most Elation EMR reviews are favorable, and the portal’s primary goal is to make patient data retrieval quick and easy. The portal allows patients and doctors to communicate online and exchange test results. It ensures a private, secure connection and eliminates obtrusive interruptions. The option for patients to learn more about their illnesses is also available. Customers can also schedule appointments and receive reminders on time.   
  • Telehealth: Elation Telehealth’s HIPAA-compliant video platform is linked to the electronic medical record. As a result, you can practically provide care without a different system. Patients can easily access the service to travel to their scheduled appointments. Elation also automates the required codes and paperwork to make invoicing for telehealth services even more straightforward.  
  • Integration: You can save time by connecting your electronic medical records (EMR) software to other applications instead of updating each program separately. Elation EMR, for instance, makes it easy to connect to your billing or practice management software because this is how it was intended to work.   

Price comparison Elation’s EMR vs. Kareo’s EMR  

Depending on the size and specialization of your practice, Kareo’s pricing will vary, but you can expect to pay between $87.50 and $500 per provider per month for the EMR. The medical software we tested is fiercely competitive at the low end of this category. Additionally, Kareo’s PMS is included at no additional cost when you purchase their EMR system. Did you realize That Kareo makes both EMR and PMS solutions available to all paying clients? Lesser pricing tiers with 50 included electronic claims are available for practices with lower claim volumes.  

For Elation EMR You can subscribe to Elation EMR monthly. Access to an electronic medical record costs $349 for one month. To learn more about the features of Elation EMR, try the free demo.  

Who wins? 

The choice between Elation EMR and Kareo EMR will ultimately depend on the requirements of your practice. Kareo is unquestionably a user-friendly medical software platform that practically any medical practice can utilize. All Kareo users have full access to the company’s practice management and electronic medical record systems. Elation EMR, on the other hand, is an EMR that functions the way you think. Elation EMR is designed to help front-line doctors take care of their patients’ requirements successfully and effectively. The logical chart design of Elation makes it simple to keep organized and find information. But we advise you to see the demo before deciding. 

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