September 30, 2022 9:41 am
10 essential statistics

10 essential statistics

Social media has changed the dynamics of digital marketing. Plus, it has become a vital part of a successful marketing strategy. It has also penetrated the lives of the majority of the world’s population. 

Social media offers bountiful opportunities to businesses. So, a talented social media management company constantly leverages its social media marketing strategies and helps businesses gain full benefit from the platforms.

However, many small businesses do not use social media to promote their products or services. So, read further about the benefits of social media marketing and some powerful statistics to empower your marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of social media marketing?

  • It helps to recognise brands and build brand awareness
  • Stimulates conversations from real people regarding your brand
  • Helps understand your customers in a better way by analysing their reviews and social listening
  • Allows you to share your business story and let people connect with it
  • Helps improve customer service and improve customer relationship
  • Build customer loyalty because many people trust social media 
  • Drive direct traffic to your website and boost the efforts of the best SEO services in London
  • Connect with business partners and collaborate through social media groups
  • Repurpose and recycle your content
  • Re-engage people on social media by retargeting advertisements
  • Stay on top of industry sensations and make your content go viral
  • Analyse customer opinion and behaviour trends and establish yourself as a thought leader

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10 significant social media marketing stats

  1. There were more than 4.26 billion social media users worldwide in 2021. Moreover, they are projected to reach around 6 billion in 2027.
  2. There are 57.6 million active social media users in the UK, which is a whopping 90.02% of the population. Hence, it offers a great potential to find a wider audience.
  3. There are about 55.8 million Facebook users in the UK, which is 10 million more than in 2020.
  4. Current Instagram users in the UK are about 34.6 million, and the platform has been popular for 25 to 34 years olds.
  5. Marketers use Facebook the most worldwide, that is 93%, followed by Instagram, which is 78%.
  6. More than 55 million corporations are listed on LinkedIn.
  7. 50% of marketers aim to increase the use of short-form video content, and 95% of people who already use it aim to maintain or expand the investment.
  8. People are 17% more likely to buy based on social media referrals.
  9. 83% of people reported discovering new services or products on Instagram.
  10. Customers are 2.4 times more likely to believe that user-generated content is authentic.

Social media marketing tips

  • Determine your goals

Before jumpstarting your social media marketing, it is imperative to lay out robust plans, goals, objectives, and vision. They should align with your marketing strategies.

  • Set numeric goals (e.g. 2000 followers)
  • Have a deadline
  • Align with your strategies

Social media goals can help you analyse your efforts and clear your workflow direction. 

  • Know your audience

Your customers are the chief part of your business. So, deeply knowing what your customers are like is of utmost importance. You must be able to decipher their needs, problems, and personality. 

  • What will be the age group of your target audience?
  • Analyse their locations 
  • Take part in conversations on online forums, social media, and blog comments
  • Answer the queries they ask in DMs
  • Ask for feedback and solve their issues

People want to engage with brands who care and treat them correctly. Nowadays, it has become more than important to know your audience and serve them what they ask.

  • Design your content according to the platform

You cannot create a post and share it across every social media platform. Each platform has a different set of audiences, and they like different forms of content. 

For example, LinkedIn is well suited for B2B audiences, a graphic design agency will use Instagram effectively for short videos and visual content, and Pinterest can be a great platform to share new ideas visually. 

  • Don’t be too salesy

Traditional marketing tactics have perished, that too for good. People do not want to be sold; they want to connect with businesses. They want to trust the company before buying anything.

Though 86% of social media users follow brands, around 60% of them are vexed with so much promotion by them. The stats show that people like to follow brands but not when they make it all about them.

  • Employ correct tools

The right tools can empower your social media marketing strategy and your business as well. You will need tools for social media posting calendar, social media listening, collaboration tools, analysis & reporting, and scheduling and publishing.

You might be overwhelmed with this, but you can hire a social media management agency. They have all the necessary tools and also know how to use them well. 

  • Consistency is the key

The posting frequency will depend on the platform, but posting consistency shall not be jeopardised. Sharing content regularly is the thumb rule. You can use a calendar to schedule posts, so you do not miss out on them. 

You must keep your brand image, posting frequency, message, colours, and hashtags consistent. 

  • Monitor and analyse campaign performance

Monitoring and analysing social media metrics is one of the essential tasks. It helps you identify loopholes and mistakes and provides room for improvement. 

You should determine important KPIs for your business and analyse them for effective results. 

For example, if your KPI is ‘Reach’, you should measure follower count, impression, and followers’ growth rate. 

If your KPI is ‘Engagement.’ you should measure likes, comments, amplification rate, and messages.

However, if your KPI is ‘Conversion,’ you should measure bounce rate, CTR, CPC, and CPM.


Social media is the robin hood of marketing. It does not cost much and can provide great results, benefiting your business. Moreover, you can hire a social media management agency to ease things further.

However, if you have not yet considered social media marketing, the social media stats mentioned above will make you believe in its power.