October 4, 2022 1:19 pm
Paddle Board

Buying a paddle board is a great first step toward getting into surfing, but it’s just as important to know which paddle board will work best for you. Buying a paddle board is a lot like buying a car; you need to consider what you want out of it, what type of fit you want, and how much you can afford. Once these needs are known, you can narrow your paddle board shopping to the best fit, and spend less money doing so.

The best way to purchase

The best way to purchase the board is through a retail outlet that has experience in paddle boarding sales. The retail stores offer the highest price and quality. They are also typically staffed by knowledgeable, friendly people who are also familiar with the benefits of boarding and how to maneuver aboard.

Affordable to incredibly expensive

Buying a board can range from affordable to incredibly expensive. Depending on the material and the size of the board you purchase. We’ll go through the different types of boards, how to choose the correct one for you, and what size is appropriate for your needs.

Watery Adventure

Sup boards are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. They are a great way to get out on the water and experience some watery adventure without the hassle and cost of owning your own boat. But buying your first sup can be a little intimidating. You may be wondering where to start, what SUP brands to look for, and what to expect from your new board.

Paddle Board

Daunting Task

Buying a board can be a daunting task for some. These factors should be considered to ensure you make the right decision when shopping for your board: paddle board material, the board size, paddling ability, and board design. It is the easiest way to start paddling. A good board is a very stable board that is generally used for flat water paddling, and it’s much less likely to flip than a regular surfboard.


Consider where you will be using the board. \- multipurpose: Needs to be used for various activities such as surfing, swimming, fishing, and scuba diving. \- location: Obviously the lake, river, or ocean near where you will be using it is best. \- cost: Buying a board on the cheap is tempting, but can result in disappointment.

Size and Weight of the board

The size and/or weight of the board is an important consideration. The bigger and heavier the board, the more it will require to be able to handle the load, and the more it costs. The common sizes for a board are 7 feet by 5 feet, and 9 feet by 5 feet. The weight limit is usually between 500 and 2,000 pounds.

Widest Point

Size: Longer than a surfboard, but a smaller board than a longboard and a bit wider, a paddle board is typically 33” long or longer, and is wider than a surfboard at its widest point. Boards are longer than a surfboard, but are a bit shorter than a longboard. A 34” board is about the right length to comfortably stand on for hours with a sup paddle out and a glass of red wine in your hand.


Longboarding is a style of skateboarding that blends aspects of skating and surfing. Which typically have a length of between eight and sixteen feet. Making them longer and wider than conventional skateboards. As a mix of rollerblading and skateboarding and has evolved into its own unique sport. It’s the perfect vehicle for exploring the city. The size makes it easy to carry and the grip provides a comfortable ride. It’s also a lot of fun to ride, especially when you pull off a trick or two.

Interesting Conundrum

I have been thinking about doing a longboard for a while now. But I keep coming back to the idea of what I would write first about. I am such a big fan of writing about the things I love to do, but sometimes I feel like I have to force myself to write about the things I don’t like. I think it’s important to be authentic, but at the same time, I also want to share my experiences with the world, so I don’t know if I can really do both. It’s an interesting conundrum.

 Lightweight board
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