October 4, 2022 1:07 pm

In this era, Property Management Company is taking over everything and making things easy for human beings. Businesses also adopting technology so they can streamline their business and run it in a better way. Many business owners already adopted technology and some are getting to it.

As a property manager, you’re a multitasking juggler, fixer, and seer all in one. You must always be aware of the status of each of your properties and anticipate problems before they arise. It’s a difficult job by definition, but that doesn’t mean the correct tools can’t make it a bit easier.

For a change, we’ll let you hand out the keys instead of you handing them out. Keeping track of every tenant, lease, agreement, invoice, timesheet, and guarantee letter is the property manager’s secret weapon. If you will, a key to success. This is how eSignatures can help your property management company immediately:

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Documents that are often Used Should be Saved as Templates that are Easy to Access

If you are a property manager, you most likely deal with several forms of documentation on a regular basis, including leases, timesheets for contractors, and invoices.

Using Wesignature, you can save frequently used documents in the cloud in the form of templates. These templates are accessible from any location and may be prepared to be sent in a matter of seconds. You only need to make any necessary changes or additions, and then everything will be ready to go.

Quickly Sign Contracts

Are there one, two, three, or even four or more people who will be moving into an apartment or house? Do not be afraid. Get hold of your template for the lease, check to see that the essential components are highlighted with a few document fields (names, dates, and places to sign), and then send out a request for signatures from all of the relevant parties.

Even if the recipients do not have a Wesignature account of their own, they will be able to sign the agreement, and you will be notified of the progression of the lease whenever someone else adds their signature or creates an online signature.

Immediately Check the Timesheets of the Contractors

You probably have a little army of plumbers, electricians, and handymen taking care of repairs at various sites. Because you already have your hands full with the managerial responsibilities that have been assigned to you. Wesignature makes it easy to keep track of the hours that have been worked on a project. At the end of each tracking period, contractors can easily upload their time sheets and send them directly to you for approval. Previously, these time sheets would have been left on your desk, where they would have been lost in a stack of papers.

Maintain a Record of Any Documents That are Still Pending

During the renting season, there is a good chance that you will be responsible for keeping track of dozens of new leases. The number of properties that you manage will determine how many new leases you will receive.

The progress monitoring function offered by WeSignature makes it simple and quick to ascertain who has previously signed a certain document and who has not yet presented their signature for that document. You have the ability to send a helpful reminder notification to anyone who is slipping behind schedule. This process protects you from hackers like data hackers, sim hijacking, sim swapping, and others.

Take Everything With You When You Go

Your office is little more than a home base. Property managers are needed to travel between numerous locations for a variety of reasons, including inspections, showings, and more.

With the Wesignature, you can finish all of the duties that were described above while you are on the go. This is made possible by the website’s delightfully intuitive UI, which makes it easy to use and a joy to use.

Put Everything You Own in a Single, Safe Location

It is good to maintain a copy of these types of documents on hand for the sake of posterity, at least for a short while. Tenants come and go every year, but you shouldn’t throw out old-time sheets or leases just yet.

If you use Wesignature to complete a document. The document will be uploaded to the cloud and kept there for as long as you require it to be there. Because of this, you won’t have to set up space in a filing cabinet or storage closet to keep outmoded documents that you would still like to keep.

Conclusion about Property Management Company

Are you ready to modernize the workflows of your document management system or the best document signing software? Utilizing our top-rated eSignature software, you may quickly ascend to the position of the best property manager in the area. To get started, why not sign up for a free trial that lasts for the first 14 days?