How To Put Your Music On iTunes, Spotify & All Major Streaming Services 

How To Put Your Music On iTunes, Spotify & All Major Streaming Services 

It is the dream of every singer to be a world-famous artist one day. Every new artist starts his journey with a dream of singing songs which leave the world spellbound and performing in fully crowded shows. Everyone dreams to leave an impact on the hearts of others and to create his name in the history of music. This is why it is understandable why you want too

get your music on TikTok

Today, artists like Eminem, Dr. DRE, snoop dog, etc, govern the music industry. These artists started by singing on roads. Today, they sing in the stadium which is bustling with the crowd. In the old days, it was very difficult to get the required fan base. Putting your art in front of the crowd was the real challenge as there were very limited resources to generate a fan base.However, this is not the case today. Today, the whole way in which listeners and fans approach music has changed and thanks to the cloud music platforms like Amazon and iTunes, you can listen to any music that you want in just a click. This is not like the old days when you had to download the song on a CD or your iPod just to hear it.The creators and singers can also sell music online on these platforms. It is a great way to generate the required audience for the music and the new artists because these platforms today have hijacked the complete music industry. They have a huge base of people who use these apps. Thus,  every newcomers in the industry can utilize these apps.One of the best ways to sell your music on iTunes and other major platforms is to sell it thru a music distributor who helps you in getting the required reach. A music distributor is a mediator between the major cloud music platforms like music, amazon, tidal, TikTok and Spotify etc and the music creator. The music creator uploads the song to the distributor.This is because it is not easy to sell your music on Amazon Music and other big platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Tindal.One of the most famous music distributors is MusicDigi which helps its users to sell their music on all the major platforms of music. All that you have to do is to create an account on musicdigi. For that, you will have to pay an annual fee for membership. Once you have done that, you will be able to upload the music and the cover art on the music Digi account.With that, your work will be complete. Now, musicdigi will Get your music on Spotify and other major platforms of music as well. The process is that simple. Besides that, music Digi assures its users that 100% ownership of the music remains in the hands of the creators. This assures that there is no scam with the singers and music creators.


None of the big platforms of music provides any option to upload music. Hence, the role of a music distributor becomes very important.


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