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UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the UPSC exam every year. Lakhs of people appear for the exam. If you are an aspirant, you must be completely aware of the UPSC syllabus with special emphasis on the  Current Affairs section. Current Affairs in Hindi or English hold an important section of the UPSC exam as many questions have been asked from this section, particularly in the UPSC Prelims. So, it is essential to prepare the current affairs to clear the UPSC cut-off easily. However, there is no fixed weightage for current affairs. It keeps on changing with each passing year. 

Tips to Prepare Current Affairs in Hindi

Preparing current affairs in Hindi or English is not that hard. Here are a few tips that can help you in preparing for Current Affairs-

  • Read Newspapers– One of the easiest ways to get familiar with Current Affairs is to read newspapers and other informative publications regularly. There are a lot of newspapers available in the market. You can go through any newspaper and start your preparation by reading page 3 of the newspaper. Read about the social gossip as well. It is suggested that you should opt for more than one newspaper. Switching between different newspapers will help you by saving time. 
  • Concentrate More on Analysis– One unfair practice with current affairs is that the candidates try to memorize the current affairs. However, they need to know that the purpose of current affairs is not to check your memory. Instead, it is the method to check how carefully you have read the details about the event. 
  • Make Notes– Current Affairs will be much easier to study if you practice making notes. Prepare notes as per your plan. However, it is suggested that you should make not by writing about the topic in detail as per your analysis. This will help you save time during the exams approaching days. 
  • Consistency– It should be a daily practice of studying and revising notes to maintain consistency. It is one of the essential aspects of clearing the UPSC Cut-Off to remember the essential information and knowledge. 
  • Magazines– Along with the newspapers, many magazines and periodicals from the UPSC Current Affairs are available in the stores. You can go for important magazines, including Economic and Political Weekly, Science Reporter, Kurukshetra magazine, and Yojana magazine. 
  • Get limited– It is a good thought to obtain ample knowledge but to retain your knowledge and hold the information and analysis of the Current affairs, it is necessary to restrict your resources. This will save you time, and you might get extra bandwidth for revising the UPSC Syllabus apart from the Current Affairs. 
  • Linking of Subjects– If you cannot memorize much information, then linking up your subjects will greatly help. you in memorizing other topics as well. 

Current affairs seem to be a bit difficult, but if you study with proper planning, you can clear the UPSC Cutoff quite easily.

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