October 7, 2022 6:39 pm

For quality communication, connecting with people all across the world, and forming virtual communities, social media platforms are highly useful. Today social media is not limited to interacting with family and friends but also it is an indispensable tool used for business purposes.  The interaction between the brand and the customers via social media platforms is termed social media engagement. It is the measurement of How to Increase Social Media Engagement for Online Courses: Also Visit สล็อตเว็บตรง.

  • Comments
  • Growth of followers
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Retweets
  • Mentions

It is an evaluation of your social media performance and presence so that you keep improving your work quality, move in the right direction to connect with more people, and expand your business. For effective online course selling, having a strong social media engagement rate plays an important role. This will help you to know how people are connecting and interacting with your social media content and online course services. Let us discuss some effective tips that online course creators can follow for increasing social media engagement.

Steps to increase social media engagement for online courses

1. Select the right strategy

For increasing social media engagement for your online course account, the foremost important step to follow is selecting the right strategy. Keeping your online course, your expectations, demands, and promotion in mind select your social media strategy. Keeping in mind what suits your course the best and what you want to offer to the audience, produce quality content on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Your social media engagement goals must include:


  • Developing new leads for your course.


  • Setting a positive image and perception of your online course brand.


  • Gather feedback from the social media users for improvement and betterment of your course.

2. Be consistent with your uploads

To reach out to the people, and get their regular attention, consistent uploads are equally important. Uploading online course content, and videos once in a while won’t work. People won’t be able to remember your page and course if your social media presence will be less. For increasing social media engagement you need to upload content regularly. So along with working for your online course selling website, constantly work for social media accounts too. Keep posting reels, youtube shorts, picture posts, and stories from time to time.

3. Conduct live streams

Another way for increasing social media engagement of your online course accounts is by conducting live streams. Through social media posts, connecting with people can be slightly tricky and difficult however with the help of live streams, the engagement rate is boosted to a great extent. Before coming live, you can put up a story mentioning the date and time.

This will help you to have more viewers. The option of adding people to your live stream on Facebook and Instagram helps to have real-time interactions. This way people will be able to connect with you more. In your live stream, you can talk about your course, its unique features, and its benefits. Read the comments of the live chat and answer them effectively.

4. Be a good listener, and respond to comments 

For effective course selling, having a good social media engagement rate is important. Engagement is always a two-way process. To have an engaging audience you need to be a good listener too. Keenly observe what are the demands of the targeted social media audience, and what are the learning problems. Now think about how your social media content and course can overcome these issues. In your comment section, see what the people are saying and asking. Respond to the comments constructively. For being a good listener, conducting questionnaires, surveys, and online polls is quite beneficial.

5. Be creative and unique

To get more views and followers, another effective step is to produce unique content. Today there is tough competition going on, on social media platforms. To be different and get more user attention, your content should be different from others. Keep a close eye on your competitors, see what they are uploading, and later plan how you can be different from them. Come up with some unique and creative ideas for your social media accounts.


For effective online course selling, using social media platforms is quite beneficial. By following the above-mentioned tips which are selecting the right strategy, uploading content regularly, conducting live streams, responding to comments, and producing unique content, one can ensure a high social media engagement rate for boosting online course sales.