September 30, 2022 10:37 am
Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball is not all made to be stuffed with balloons. Single Bubble Balloons cannot be stuffed together with other ball. They have a print as well as a self-sealing seal. Double Ball must not be filled with any other ball. There is a second, manufactured balloon within the primary balloon. There are also two self sealing valves. This balloon comes with or without print on either the outer or inner balloon.

Deco Bubble Ball comes with the option of being stuffed using other balloons. They come with or without printed options and do not have self-sealing seals. Air Ball is safe to stuff, but not recommended. They are available only with printed material and have no self sealing valves. The balloon must also be heat sealed

Single Bubble 

Only use a latex regulator. Continue inflating the Bubble until it’s very large and has no wrinkles. Bubbles expand like latex ball. They look almost like beach Balls When Properly. 


Inflate the outer bubble until the inner shape is flat. If this happens, go back to the white valve. Your latex regulator can be used to add a nanosecond of hydrogen, or you can use a hand pumps to add air just enough to fill the inner form.

Double Bubble

  1. Locate the blue valve, A. The outer bubble should be slightly inflated with a latex regulator, so that the inner shape can inflate. 
  2. Locate the B (white valve). The foil regulator can be used to inflate fully the inner shape.
  3. To manipulate foil shapes, both hands are needed.
  4. Continue to inflate the Bubble using a latex regulator. Continue to inflate until the Bubble becomes round and rid of all wrinkles and bumps. 


Bubbles need to be inflated immediately after they are opened. After inflation, throw away the moisture packet. To inflate Single Bubbles and the outer bubbles from Double Bubbles or Deco Bubbles, do not use a foil regulator (auto-shut-off); if you do this, the foil regulator can shut off too quickly and your Bubble will look more like an aluminum foil balloon. Use only latex regulators to inflate these Bubbles. Continue inflating until all bumps and wrinkles disappear. For balloon inflation, eye and hearing protection are essential. 

Deco Bubble

Immediately after opening, inflate with a latex balloon regulator. For air inflating, you should use compressed or nitrogen.

You should not use an air compressor or an automatic shut-off regulator. These devices do not have the power to inflate Qualatex(r), Bubble Ball wrinkle free. You should never leave any wrinkles in the seam when you are inflating Deco bubbles. 

Although the balloon may appear tight, keep inflating the balloon until all wrinkles are gone. Then stop and continue inflating, leaving a perfect seam. With a Bubble Cinch Knot, secure the Deco Bubble TIGHTLY. You will get a long-lasting Deco bubble by tying it tightly.


If you are using helium, inflate both the Deco Bubble (and the entire ball contained within it) with helium. Use air to inflate ALL balls. Do not use HIFLOAT(r), products, or Balloon Shine TM on Bubbles. Bubbles are not waterproof, but they can withstand pops. They can withstand extreme pressure changes. Exposed to heat or sharp objects can cause them burst. A latex balloon could be attached to the Bubble neck to make it a decor item, such as a Column.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Fill Air Bubble Ball In Your Home?

Any balloon filled with air can be filled, including BallBalloons filled up with air don’t float.

Can You Fill Helium-Filled Balloons?

Do NOT use helium to fill an Air Bubble. Inflate until seams are completely smooth. It may take about 3.5 to 3.8 psi. After inflating, heat seal Air Bubble. Too hot sealer can cause plastic to burn. Too cold sealer will allow air to escape.

How Long Does An Air Filled Balloon Last?

Properly inflated, filled with helium, Bubble Ball(r), will flot for the following times 

20″; 7-10 Days 

22,” 2 Weeks  

24,” 3 Weeks 

Inflate Bubbles according to package instructions. This can reduce float time.