How do I book a Cisco CCIE lab exam?

How do I book a Cisco CCIE lab exam?

One of the two tests candidates must complete before receiving CCIE certification is the CCIE LAB exam, which stands for the Cisco Certified Internet Expert lab exam. A written test is the alternative. Booking a written test involves the same procedures as booking other Cisco certification examinations. But passing the written exam does not guarantee certification. The CCIE laboratory test, the second component of the certification exam, still has to be taken and administered. The steps to book are shown below.

Pass the written CCIE exam.

The first component of the CCIE exam is the written test. The lab test comes in second. Because the written exam is the prerequisite for scheduling the CCIE LAB exam, passing it is crucial. How can you take the CCIE written test before moving on to the lab test? Signing up for the SPOTO online certification training course is one way to take the CCIE written exam. Every single exercise question and answer is a genuine, current, and reliable test question. Our business has consistently reported a 100% pass rate for clients looking for certification.

Verify the exam centre’s location.

The important application for the CCIE LAB exam can be handled after the writing exam has been taken and passed. Check the CCIE LAB test location first so you may select the testing facility that is most convenient for you. If you reside in the US, you can schedule your exam in San Jose, California, or Research Triangle Park (RTP). In addition to Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Banglore, India, candidates from Asia can also schedule exams in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, China. In addition, every one of the following regions has a testing facility: Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Sydney, Australia; or Brussels, Belgium.

Log into your Cisco account and complete the submission

The following documents are required: • Cisco account; identification number; passing score on the written test; passing date

Select a test date

After logging in and completing all the necessary information, you can choose the exam date. You may select the earliest date if you are prepared for a lab test. Please choose the date you believe you are prepared for the exam, even if you need extra time to study from an important source.

Include payment information

You can only pay by credit card or wire transfer after selecting the date. Other payment methods won’t be accepted. If you still need additional time to prepare for the CCIE lab exam, kindly enrol in the SPOTO online training course. Regular updates, replicated lab tests, complete coverage of actual exams, the most recent comments on laboratory exams, 24/7 technical assistance, instructional video tutorials, and a pass guarantee of 100% are all part of our conditions. You will also receive numerous sets of CCIE lab topologies from studying for and becoming accustomed to the final lab exam. Additionally, SPOTO offers leasing services for lab racks. Although some IT professionals choose to make or buy their laboratory racks, SPOTO also offers rack rentals.You may now easily obtain SPOTO if you wish to pass the CCIE LAB exam and locate the most trustworthy and understanding resources then read more here.


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