High school tutoring and primary school tutoring

High school tutoring and primary school tutoring

The Edu-Kingdom College offers tutoring for primary to high school students (years 1-12) and offers upskilling courses to help students reach greater heights. As well as improving students’ education levels, we offer various courses that help them prepare for exams such as NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy), Scholarship Tests (ACER, EduTest), Accelerated Learning Programs (ALP), Selective Entry High Schools Tests, John Monash Science School Entrance Tests, and VCEs (Victorian Certificate of Education).

Our convenient locations across most regional areas in Victoria, including Melbourne, make us accessible to all students. Now is the time to schedule your free assessment!

Courses in Academic Tutoring on a regular basis

Tutoring for primary school students (years 1 to 6)

(1) A minimum of 10 weeks is required for enrolment

(2) Subjects to be taught: English, Maths, and Reasoning

(3) Each subject is one hour long

(4) Every tenth week, there will be a term test

(5) Year 6 students are required to take Accelerated Learning Classes (ALCs)

    The ALC aims to help year 6 students build solid foundations for secondary schooling, thus assisting the child to continue on the right path during these critical secondary years.

    Teaching English, Math and Science at the year 7 level in ALC

(Years 7 – 10) Secondary School Tutoring

(1) A minimum of 10 weeks is required for enrolment

(2) Subjects taught: English, mathematics, science

(3) Each subject will last one hour

(4) Every tenth week, there will be a term test

VCE High School Tutoring (Units 1 and 2 and/or 3 and 4)

(1) A minimum of 10 weeks is required for enrolment

(2) Subject-by-subject enrolment is accepted

(3) Subjects taught: English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology

(4) Each subject will last one and a half hours

Courses for Trial Tests

SEALP Test Preparation for Year 6 Scholarships

(1) A minimum of 10 weeks is required for enrolment

(2) Three-week trial session with payment option

(3) Duration: one year (March year 5 to March year 6).

(4) Sessions last for 3.5 hours each

(5) ACER and EduTest types of papers

(6) Humanities, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Creative Writing, Persuasive Writing

(7) Test papers, test books, and various worksheets owned by Edu Kingdom

(8) FREE access to e-learning courses provided by Edu Kingdom

(9) Testing results are marked using a computerized marking system

Writing courses with power

It is an important part of the school curriculum to teach students how to write. In order to educate our students, it is crucial that we expose them to and encourage them to use the different forms of writing.

The Power Writing course consists of comprehensive units designed to provide students with the opportunity to read, examine, plan, and write a variety of texts. A report, an exposition, a recount, an explanation, a description, or a narrative are examples of these types of writing.

This course will teach students:

    Having the ability to read and analyze a variety of texts

    The ability to identify the features and formats of different types of text

    It is possible to write in different types of text

    For the purpose of developing and extending comprehension

    The purpose of this activity is to develop and extend vocabulary

    Punctuation and grammar should be used correctly

    Analyzing newspaper articles in depth (secondary level)

(1) Nine levels (Level 2 to Level 10)

(2) A minimum of 10 weeks is required for enrolment

(3) Sessions last 1.5 hours each

(4) Materials: Edu Kingdom workbooks, textbook and worksheets to improve writing skills

Classes for helping people for FREE

Students struggling with their schoolwork or Edu Kingdom assignments can take advantage of weekly help classes offered by Edu-Kingdom College.

The students can ask extra questions in English or Mathematics in the tutorial class if they don’t understand the solutions and methods of problem solving.

Please note that this course is only available to Edu-Kingdom College students who are CURRENTLY enrolled.

e-Learning course materials for online learning

By providing additional valuable problems to complete and review at home, the online e-Learning resources will assist students who are preparing for scholarship tests or selective school entrance exams. Before checking their answers with the online video solutions, students should download the PDF files and attempt the questions themselves.



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