Gemstone Engagement Rings Your Perfect Choice For Wedding

Gemstone Engagement Rings Your Perfect Choice For Wedding

Engagement rings with colored gemstones are quite popular. Many celebrities are wearing it to show their status and to look beautiful. These rings are not only gorgeous, but are a safe investment as well. They are not highly-priced. In fact, gemstone rings come in different price ranges, giving an opportunity for everyone to try it for their special occasions like engagement, weddings, birthdays, etc.

The current trend is most royals are trying colorful gemstone engagement rings. No doubt, they look absolutely stunning compared to the routine kind of diamond rings. This does not mean that diamond rings are not beautiful, but colorful gemstone rings are much more beautiful than them.

You can give the engagement ring a deeper, and more meaningful look by using colored gemstones. You may, for instance, combine diamonds with either your birthstone or a combination of various gemstones. You could choose a colored gemstone that looks more appealing and inspiring for you because they also have historical symbolism. Consider the sapphire, which has long been linked to sincerity, loyalty, and truth.

If you are looking for precious stone engagement rings, choose the stores like Hanno Stockholm. When it comes to Hanno, they offer engagement rings made with the finest gemstones. Besides, you can find rings here in metals such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, etc. As they offer their engagement rings at an affordable price, you can happily go for it. Read on to know about the reasons to choose colored gemstone engagement rings.

  • Although gemstones are not as durable as diamonds, you can still find lots of options that are strong enough for your daily wear use as an engagement ring. Diamond is at the top when it comes to hardness, and next comes Ruby and Sapphire. With proper care, gems graded 7 (hardness grading) and higher can be worn daily.
  • Colored gemstones, which are more uncommon than diamonds, have long been regarded as objects of decoration and adoration. As each stone is naturally distinct in color and shape, gemstone engagement rings virtually ensure that your ring looks unique. In fact, they look quite different from the routine rings. Gemstone rings look simply awesome.
  • The surprising part is some gemstones come in many colors. Do you know that sapphire is available in various colors? In addition to ROYGBIV, there are literally thousands of different shades and intensities of pink, including hot pink, purple-pink, bubblegum pink, baby pink, reddish pink, etc.
  • Want a colorful gemstone’s distinct personality along with the diamond’s brilliance and longevity? Try a diamond with color! Diamonds appear in every color, some, like orange or purple, are extremely rare and incredibly valuable. However, some colored gemstones, such as silvers, yellows, and champagnes can be as white as diamonds and make stunning show pieces that combine antique design with a contemporary flair.


You will get the customization option when it comes to the gemstone rings. This means, you can order a ring as per your requirement, and the designers will do it for you exactly the way you want for your engagement or any other special occasion.








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