Four Mistakes To Avoid After A Slip And Fall Accident 

Four Mistakes To Avoid After A Slip And Fall Accident 

Slip and fall accidents often occur unexpectedly.  While these accidents may appear not-so-serious, they can greatly impact a person’s health and even reduce their ability to work and earn a livelihood. While knowing the legal steps to take after slip and fall accidents is essential, knowing what not to do is equally important. 

You deserve compensation if you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Do not hesitate to speak to an experienced premises liability attorney to protect your rights. Meanwhile, here are a few things you should avoid after a slip and fall accident to increase your chances of recovering a high compensation. Click to learn more here

Four mistakes to avoid after a slip and fall accident 

  1. Do not ignore your injuries. 

After a slip and fall accident, you must seek medical attention for your injuries regardless of how much pain you feel. Some injuries may take time to show symptoms, but that does not mean they are not there. Ignoring your injuries is harmful not only to your health but to your legal case as well. Getting assessed by a doctor allows you to understand the full extent of your injuries when fresh. 

  1. Do not stop keeping records. 

Make sure to document everything related to your case, collect evidence, and keep a record of everything you think may help your attorney build and strengthen your case. While your slip-and-fall attorney will use their expertise and knowledge to find the best evidence, you can still help them.

  1. Do not give a recorded statement. 

After you get injured, the insurance company will likely contact you and ask for a recorded statement. Most people do not realize that they are legally allowed to refuse. You should not give a recorded statement, at least not until you consult with your attorney first, because there are a hundred ways the insurance company can manipulate and use your words to their advantage. 

  1. Do not admit fault. 

After a slip and fall accident, you may be in pain and confused about what happened. However, you should not admit fault even if you feel the accident occurred because of your error. The insurance company and the defendant party can use your admission of guilt to argue that you do not deserve compensation since you were liable for your accident. 

It would be in your best interest to speak to an attorney to know how you can proceed to seek compensation.