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The overall experience of a challenging activity provides the utmost thrill, breaking the daily shackles of monotony and providing the cathartic feeling of freedom. Indeed, it’s not always possible to take a break from your regular life and do what you want like you can go for Trekking. However, taking some time out for yourself to indulge in a physically and emotionally immersive activity is always fun and necessary. 

Some people like traveling to far-off places, while others enjoy the company of nature. Trekking is at the top of the list of experiences that provide the rawest excitement.  

Why Trekking?  

Considered adventure tourism or eco-tourism, trekking has become a worldwide phenomenon. The rush of adrenaline that people experience from this activity is immense, and the joy related to a sense of accomplishment is the most thrilling emotion anyone can participate in. 

People embark on a trekking journey for a variety of reasons. The most prominent among them are exposing themselves to newer challenges and completing tasks that only a few can endure. 

However, before starting your journey, try to do proper research about the territory you are trying to conquer. Some of the most popular trekking terrains are:  

  • Mountains 
  • Deserts 
  • The Tropics 
  • Glaciers  
  • Rivers 
  • Swamps 
  • Volcanic trekking   

For first-time trekkers, this activity may seem challenging, but with the right equipment, steps and mindset, there’s no mountain that you can’t conquer  

Trekking Essentials 


Among all the things that you may need before or while you are embarking on an arduous adventure, THC oil can be the most trusted ingredient. Derived from the cannabis plant, the THC compound is known to provide relief from anxiety, pain, insomnia, and inflammation in individuals. For trekkers, all of these are pivotal issues.  

Additionally, THC may enhance your energy and endurance, enabling you to complete the trek even when it might be challenging to continue. You can find THC products in many forms like oil, gummies, tinctures, etc. However, it is advised that you buy them from a reputed seller and seek the opinion of a medical professional before consuming them.  

Use Good Shoes For Trekking

The fundamental aspect of trekking is the terrain. It seems obvious that since you have undertaken this challenge, it will not be an easy talk. Hence, you should equip yourself with the necessary equipment to prepare yourself for any possibility. 

Having the right kind of shoes suited to the terrain you are canvassing is vital. Without the proper footwear, your journey may end even before it begins. For short-distance hikes, lightweight shoes are ideal. However, if you are embarking into the wilderness or in a mountainous landscape for several days, you’ll need solid trekking shoes that’ll match the rigidity of the place. 

Ensure that the boots are water resistant if you are undertaking a river trek. However, avoid too heavy footwear because it may slow down your pace or cause injuries.  

Carry Food on Trekking

When preparing for a trekking adventure, you must manage your food requirements accordingly. Without proper food, it will be practically impossible to complete the trek. Including all the necessary nutrients into your trekking diet will help you tackle the severely energy-sapping and harsh outdoor environment. Additionally, you can include a high carbohydrate and protein diet before leaving for the trek.  

Moreover, you can also carry canned food and other snacks for your journey. Ensure that you manage your diet according to the distance you are traveling. Proper nutrition, or the lack of it, will influence your trekking experience heavily. 

First Aid Kit

Accidents and health hazards can occur at any stage of your life, and their chances rise when you are stuck in an unforgivable natural setting. Various factors present outdoors can cause you harm. You can twist your leg, get a nasty cut or suffer a fall. Hence you must be rightfully prepared for all possibilities.  

Some of the things that you can carry in your first aid kit are bandages, sanitizers, and gauges. You can also bring some antacids, tapes, and aspirin to negate any internal or external body issues.  

You can choose a basic level first aid kit or an advanced one depending on the duration of the journey. Moreover, try to learn the basic techniques of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to be prepared for any health-related scenario.  

Water Bottles

Under no circumstances should you forget your water bottle. Going on a physically and mentally draining journey without water can be very dangerous, given the chances of dehydration. The trekking climate may vary depending on the weather you are traveling in. Some places will be hotter than others, while some areas may have a colder climate.  

Hence you must keep a water bottle with you because water sources will be scarce in remote places. Additionally, you can add some supplements to your water to boost your immune system and strength. During the trek, water will be an excellent replenishment source.  


Trekking can be an extremely fulfilling and life-altering activity. It impacts your personality and gives you added confidence in your lifestyle. Ensuring that you have everything you need before going on an adventure is part of the process and guarantees your safety and comfort. Start packing your bags! 






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