A Private Investigator Near Me From a Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma City Explains How to Locate Almost Anyone With a Skip Trace Service

A Private Investigator Near Me From a Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma City Explains How to Locate Almost Anyone With a Skip Trace Service

Are you searching for someone? Looking for a current, Investigator precise address? What are your choices, and do they wait? If you Google “find anyone,” you’ll see right away that there are a good amount of options—some are free. They are others that cost a lot of money most don’t provide what you need.

The only method for finding someone is to make a skip trace inquiry. Whether you’re looking for an old friend, a missing cousin, or someone who owes you pay. But why are you required to pay for this?

In this article, we’ll show you how to skip trace somebody and compare that with a verifiable PI-grade skip trace, which involves creating.

Free reports vs. PI-grade reports

PI-grade reports
PI-grade reports

Public records can be accessed for free, but don’t expect to learn a lot about a person there. You will probably only discover the basic necessities of the person. Such as their old addresses, phone numbers, and possibly some court documents.

For example, such free or low-cost services will provide you with what you need whether this person has remained in the same place for many years without relocating. But, most persons who want a skip trace are attempting to try and locate a person who has moved frequently.

They changed their last names as a result of their marriage. It is trying to hide its location or is trying to avoid being found. You need access to immediate information in these cases. It is only available through exclusive databases and resources that regularly call for a license.

In order to collect the required data, skip tracing includes using a wide range of data and sources. Using the following options is frequently required for skip tracing:

Applications for jobs, credit cards, loans, and databases of phone numbers, as well as background checks for crimes, are all included.

  • Courthouse documents,
  • Utility bills
  • National tax data
  • Databases for official records
  • Records from airports
  • Websites for driver’s licenses
  • Departments in charge of vehicle registration

Skip Tracing Beyond Process Servers


In addition to experienced process servers, skip tracing is often the subject of whole businesses. It may happen while these businesses have access to a wide range of resources. It can be simple to locate a single person.

The skip tracing company will draft a statement of diligence if the person cannot be located. This affidavit will inform the court as to why it is impossible to identify the subject and is admissible in court.

Final Verdict:

A process server would take out skip tracing by assembling all the data they could find on the subject. The location of the person is then determined after careful examination and verification of all the data they have collected. However, the amount of data that is gathered during skip tracing can be considerable or low.

The majority of current process servers immediately access the Internet to start gathering data about their target, but hackers are also a widely employed technique. The art of social engineering involves cold-calling potential sources of information.

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