October 4, 2022 1:11 pm
Cowgirl Hat

Cowgirl Hat

Speed up your gears, all thanks to Y2K, there is a huge variety of cowgirl hats in the market. Purchasing the accessory won’t only help you follow the trend, but using it in the right way is what matters the most. If you are new to horse riding or western fashion, then you definitely don’t want to lose hope by letting your favorite cowgirl hat fly off or unable to get it in the right position on your head. Unlike born riders, some of us need guidelines to figure out this whole process. This blog post will share all the information you need to maintain your cowgirl hat and look cool. 

1) Get your cowgirl hat from the right place

Didn’t realize its importance before you had the chance to see your friend’s cowgirl hats? There’s no need to worry as Pink Cowgirl Club has got you covered. The hat makers use high-quality material for perfect fit, shape, and size. They are famous for their pink hats. If you want to look your best, it is best to always invest a few more bucks than trying to save and get a cheap quality material that won’t even last a few days.

2) Figure out the correct hat level

It is important to wear your cowgirl hat at the correct level in order to avoid any inconvenience when there’s a strong gush of wind or you are at speed. The key to letting it stay on your head is to maintain the brim of your cowgirl hat with the wind head-on. If, in any case, you let it tilt even a bit, you are going to lose your hat.

3) Maintain your cowgirl hat

Like any other accessory, it is important to maintain your cowgirl hat. In fact, it needs more maintenance than any of your other western pieces. If you want to keep your hat in shape, always remember not to keep it down on its brim. The cowgirl hats are made up of memory materials and hard surfaces like the dressing table and floor can cause disturbance in the shape when on rest at its brim. To keep your hat in shape and last longer, always lay it down on its crown as it is better able to withstand the pressure of the hat.

4) Get the help of a fabric steamer

Felt hats indeed look classy but a major con of buying them is their change in shape over time. You can quickly get hold of this situation by reshaping it back with a fabric steamer. However, it requires expertise, and if you are not confident enough or have the slightest fear of damaging your hat, then it is always better to consult a professional hat maker. 

5) Buy Toupee tape

Toupee tape should be an additional item you must buy when investing in a cowgirl hat. It is one of the easiest ways to keep your hat on your head when running or turning flags and enjoying rodeo events. These band-aid-like strips are easily available online and can be used at the front of the hat band to secure the hat on your hat during the whole ride.

Cowgirl Hat
Cowgirl Hat

6) Stampede string

Wild West era till most of the people now secure their cowgirl hats via the stampede string. However, with this option, there are high chances of you getting labeled as a cowgirlnoob. Truth be told, stampede string if worn tight for long hours might also cause you a severe headache. While some do not like it, the majority consider it as a classic cowgirl style of wearing the hat. This chinstrap system is secure and you can get many such hats like crown pink cowgirl hatfrom Pink Cowgirl Club.

7) Learn about weather stripping

Many of the barrel racers are seen benefitting from weather stripping to feel free and energetic. The method can add volume and give you an extra cushion in the hat by sitting comfortably around the head. If you are not up for this idea, bobby pins are always there to rescue you.

8) Get used to bobby pins

When everything seems to get out of hand, bobby pins can help you out. It is the most convenient and affordable way to feel confident about your hat even at high speeds. Unlike stampede string, securing one end of the bobby pin in your hair while another one in the hat can help you keep your cowgirl hat in its right place without anyone else knowing. However, make sure you don’t opt for this method for long hours as it can cause headaches.

9) Turn the headband down in the right place

If you get confused about which side of the hat should be at back and are not worried about the hatband showing, then you can turn half of the hatband down. The bow should always come in front. Even if you have bought a cowgirl hat that doesn’t fit your head shape, this method will help you secure it for long hours. Always remember to turn it in the right places or you will end up compromising your cowgirl hat.

Cowgirl Hat
Cowgirl Hat

10) Pink Cowgirl Club – The right choice

From cowgirl hats to outfits, Pink Cowgirl has it all. While, the white and brown cowgirl costume available is perfect for a quick role play and character party, the cowgirl hats alone can also give you a full-time experience of a true cowgirl. Hats here are available in an array of colors and styles and can make your decision difficult of choosing one. Pink color hats are their specialty and are available in tiara, bride, LED collections, and many more. To make things easier for you, the site has several categories to help you choose the right one for you. All you need to do is select the category you want to look into and buy the hat.


Buying a cowgirl hat and using it the right way is not easy as it seems. There are proper instructions onhow to clean and wear it, and if not followed, you can end up costing the life of your favorite cowgirl hat soon. These are tips and tricks we know you should follow for your cowgirl hats; do you also know of any? Do not forget to share!