October 4, 2022 12:55 pm

Do you want to renovate your house? Here in this article, we will discuss some of the home renovation mistakes to avoid. Click here to see Apartments for sale in Lahore Gulberg.

What common home renovation mistakes should you avoid?

A better home renovation can make your home look its best, even if it’s a regular one. On the other hand, if you have a luxury house with a bad aesthetic sense for renovation, it will spoil everything. Therefore, when you plan to renovate the house, you need to understand the basic concept to beautify it.

In this regard, certain things should be avoided to give it an elegant look. We notice that people spend a lot on construction. They employ a skilled constructor to construct the house in contemporary designs. Usually they don’t bother to spend a lot on the renovation. Furthermore, most people do not hire professionals to renovate and furnish the house.

Here is a list of the mistakes to avoid when renovating your home.

Don’t hire a professional designer for home renovation

Spend a lot on the material, but add on the finish

Ignoring the entrance to the house

Not making a good budget to beautify the house

Not paying attention to unused areas of the house

Starting the project without planning

How can you avoid common and expensive home renovation mistakes?

As we discussed above, the mistakes during the renovation should be avoided. We also need to understand how to avoid these mistakes. First of all, hire a professional to get a renovation estimate. Then you have to budget for it. You can hire a contractor for this and discuss your plans with him.

The designers and contractors come up with different renovation ideas. You can choose one from many, depending on your taste. Look beyond every spot of the house and use the unused spots from the main entrance to the backyard to unlock the full potential of your life.

What not to do when renovating a house?

During home renovation, we need to understand that professionals are made to do things in a better way. That is why as an ordinary person without any knowledge of decoration and renovation you do not know what to do.

So you cannot allocate the budget accordingly. That’s why we see people buying decoration and furniture so early. Likewise, the renovation should be in accordance with the structure of the house, if it doesn’t look right it will spoil the taste.

In what order should you renovate a house?

To minimize the stress, do the mind mapping and write down your plan when you build a new house. During the planning, you find that everything has aligned to control costs.

Therefore, plan the material that will be used for making the house and plan it well. Furthermore, make a budget for peeling walls and paints. In the end, allocate a special budget for flooring and renovation.

How to divide your land? A professional guide for everyone

Do you want to subdivide your land? Here in this article, we give you a guide to subdividing your land for more profit.

What is meant by subdivision of land?

The subdivision of land means dividing the land or tract into two or more pieces of land. Normally this happens when a developer buys a larger plot of land and develops it for further use. The larger plot of land can be used for residential and commercial purposes and the developers divide it accordingly.

Likewise, we see that the housing associations and the commercial lands are divided into different sizes and shapes. Likewise, sometimes we find larger plots and sometimes smaller ones. The developers keep in mind the point that buyers are looking for. Therefore, they divide the land according to the buyer’s choice and requirements.

In Pakistan, we see developers dividing most of the lands into 3-5-8-10 Marlas and 1-2 Kanal or more. That said, this has become a common fashion to keep sizes in that range.

How to divide land?

To split the land, you need to contact the local planning and zoning office. When you get in touch, you will learn about the zoning of the land, be it commercial or residential. If you have problems with the zoning plan, you can submit an application to change the zoning plan.

Furthermore, you should talk to the urban planner and real estate attorney to sort out subdivision costs and taxes if they are higher. Likewise, you should hire a surveying company to have the land surveyed to verify that the land is divisible.

Do you pay tax on parceled land?

When you subdivide the plot of land for sale, you must pay tax on the profit margin. Therefore, the profit you make is taxable. The ratio of the load is different on the larger plot of land compared to the subdivided one.

Is subdividing land profitable?

The answer to the question is a big YES. It means that when you buy a larger plot of land, the seller gives you a concession. On the other hand, if you develop that land to resell it, you develop it to make a profit.

During the development you will also install some facilities and amenities that a buyer is looking for. When the facilities are added to that land, you can further subdivide it into plots of different sizes. When you sell these lots, you get the extra profit in bonus.

Can you subdivide land with a mortgage?

The mortgaged property has some sort of rules and regulations. Therefore, you should read the mortgage contract thoroughly to understand its importance. Furthermore, if it is in the terms and conditions, you may not divide the mortgaged land without the permission of the lender.


Finally, we can say that home renovation can increase the value of the house. Hence, you need to spend some budget to make life special. Also, avoid renovation mistakes to avoid frustration in the future. And if you put a house up for sale, it can increase its value of the house.

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