6 Amazing Photo Editing Tips for a Faster Workflow

6 Amazing Photo Editing Tips for a Faster Workflow

6 Amazing Photo Editing Tips for a Faster Workflow- For professional photographers, taking numerous photos and then post-process them is a natural process. It is their passion, it is their source of enjoyment. Therefore, this pleasure must not turn into a burden.

Here are some tips and tricks from professional photo editing services to speed up the editing process without the unnecessary hassle, which could potentially strain you.


1.     Pre-processing in the camera:

Taking your time to set the camera as necessary according to the environment is a great way to start. Look for an angle that catches the subject in the best possible way without causing an infinite number of issues for post-processing to handle.


  1. Align the horizon

Any image viewing the horizon demands it straightened. Though horizon straightening in editing apps is a temptingly easy task, why gather extra work when it can be avoided with just a little bit of care getting your camera angle right.

  1. Zoom in

Again, the crop tool in any photo editing software like photoshop, illustrator etc is effortlessly simple, but zooming in through your camera is just as uncomplicated and effort-worthy to capture only your desired material without anything extra.

  • Adjust exposure settings

Avoid under-exposed or over-exposed pictures by calibrating the exposure settings according to the surrounding conditions.

  • In bright environment, implement high shutter speed, higher aperture and low ISO.
  • Dim lighting demands low shutter speed, lower aperture and high ISO.


2.     Sort out the pictures smartly:

It is a fact widely accepted that an abundant photos of one scene is a necessity for expert photographers. After all, who knows which picture results in the best scenario? This, however, can also become a bothersome hassle in post-processing – to go through all of them and select the best ones to work upon.

Use “Photo Mechanic” to make your job easier. “Photo Mechanic” is a productive software to manage and sort out your ample photos. It is not an editor, but its organizing capabilities are not something to be found in photo editors. You can ingest files and relevant data from your mobile and computer, name them and add metadata. According to the requirements you put in, “Photo Mechanic” automatically arranges the images, making things easy for you to go through.

You can give your photos stars, where the number of stars determines your satisfactory level. And last but not least, export! Export the best photographs to any photo editor where you will polish them.


3.     Keyboard shortcuts save time:

When there are only a few pictures to edit, how much you drag your mouse to select various options doesn’t make that much of a difference. When dealing with thousands of images, though, it makes a huge difference.

All photo editors offer keyboard shortcuts for all their features. Using them not only saves valuable time, but also speeds up your working process. Pressing one or two keys on the keyboard is, no doubt, faster than selecting two to three options for that particular mode.


4.     Presets, auto settings and filters:

Applying presets – either your custom ones or the ones already available in photo editors – is a great way to enhance your image without having to go through various settings. Oftentimes, one great preset is the only correction mode needed for photo editing.

Auto settings, majority of the time, offer great automatic settings and different photo editors propose different auto settings. “Lightroom”, for instance, has auto color correction modes whereby it rectifies the shades in an image to give it a refined look. Sometimes, the automatic settings are better than doing it yourself; if the results aren’t satisfactory, undo it.Filters can make a significant change to your image and make it outstanding. Just like presets, you can either create your own or use the ones available.

5.     Opt for batch editing:

When you have to edit numerous photos, many of which have the same scene with matching lighting and angle, batch editing is the way to go. It essentially means to edit one image and then apply its settings to all others. In this way, all similar photos are edited together without you having to do each and every one separately, which would have otherwise taken a lot of time.

After one photo’s editing is done, select it, press “Ctrl/Cmd+C” to copy its settings, then select another image where you want to apply it and “Ctrl/Cmd+V” to paste. In the dialogue box that opens the following copy, you can select or deselect some or all settings as needed.

6.   Do photo editing effectively:

Photo editing calls for cropping, removal of unwanted objects, horizon or lines straightening, elimination of blemishes and spots, color correction, white balance and many more. Now the trick is to know the right order.

Each step guided by pro photo editing services should, preferably, be done on separate layers, with the proceeding layer basing upon the preceding one. Considering this, line straightening should be the first priority, followed by cropping, the removal of undesired forms and then blemishes. The color correction, sharpening and other effects come afterwards. After all, you don’t want to apply certain effects, only for them to be later removed in cropping, or have the blemishes following you to the last layer where they just undermine the beauty of your effects.

Photography and photo editing is a fun-filled innovative adventure. So, don’t make things difficult for yourself and enjoy what you are doing. You can always hire a professional photo editing services to do it for you. Learn short photo editing tricks to improve your photoshop skills.


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