October 4, 2022 1:18 pm

If you have a facility that rents out desks and technical equipment, desk booking software can help you make better use of both resources. Using a desk booking software, you can gain a clearer understanding of what factors your clients find most appealing, such as location, ambient factors, and technical equipment. Facility managers can also keep track of which desks are filled with what technical equipment. A desktop application of desk booking software can help you make the most of your rentable space visit this website deskflex.com


With a hot-desking booking system, employees can reserve their own desk and see who else is available for the day. This can help them locate teammates or quiet locations to work in. In addition, an interactive seating chart is an added bonus. Some hot-desking booking systems even include interactive seating charts, which will make the process even easier. Regardless of the hot-desking type of office you have, there is a hot-desking booking software solution that will meet your needs.

Hot-desking booking software has many features that make it an essential tool for any office. The app can even create fault reports. Hot-desking booking software allows users to create these reports with a few clicks, and you can even add pictures. Once the report has been submitted, it is automatically routed to the correct destination. If necessary, a visual reminder will be displayed on a map for everyone to see.

Room hoteling

If you’re looking for a desk booking software for room hoteling, look no further than VuBook by Avuity. With many unique features, including customizable digital displays and a mobile app, this room hoteling software can help you run your business more efficiently. The software’s Room Display allows you to present details about any meeting room to prospective clients, as well as your current calendar. It runs on any display panel that has an Internet connection, and it supports Google Suite and Microsoft Office.

A desk hoteling platform can integrate with popular workplace applications, including Slack, to make communication easier for all employees. A good hoteling platform can also integrate with visitor systems and reception area kiosks, creating a seamless experience for visitors and employees. Some software also has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, making it easy to access the application from any location. Once you’ve chosen a desk hoteling software, try it out today.

Flexible workspaces

When creating an activity-based workplace, desks must be allocated differently from traditional, assigned arrangements. Desk booking software empowers flexible workspaces with a number of features. Here are 3 benefits of desk booking software:

Desk booking software automates the coworking process, making it easier for members and managers to manage the workspace. Not only can employees book desks, but visitors can also book them without having to leave their current workspace. The flexibility offered by desk booking software allows people to book a desk anywhere. Using this software allows members to choose a desk that works best for their needs. Even drop-in customers can book a desk from anywhere.

Mobile app

An employee’s mobile app can be just as useful for the company as the desktop software. Many large organizations have multiple floors and buildings. Employees have to find available spaces, register attendees, and communicate with co-workers. Without this information, communication can be misplaced, and meetings can be overbooked. A mobile app for desk booking software makes all of this easy. This software also makes the whole process of scheduling a meeting much more efficient.

It is not possible to use a desktop computer at a meeting when there is no desk available. Thankfully, the new mobile update makes it easier to find a desk and book it. It will also show employees what desks are available, and will be displayed on their calendar. If it can do all of these tasks, it will be a game changer. Whether you need an extra space for a meeting or are trying to find a desk to work on a specific project, this new app can help.


The pricing of desk booking software varies greatly. While most software solutions include the basic features of tracking and managing desks, some are more advanced and can also track other equipment such as audiovisual equipment. When selecting desk booking software, consider the level of support offered and whether it is user-friendly. There are many different vendors, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your office. The following table provides a summary of the pricing and features of various desk booking solutions.

Robin Desk Booking System empowers employees and management by giving them the necessary tools for maximizing their work space. The software supports time-based desk booking and reservations via maps. It also offers integration with Azure Active Directory (AD). Teem by iOFFICE is a hot-desk booking and workplace management software solution that combines desk booking and workplace management capabilities. The software includes features such as mobile and desktop interfaces, as well as utilization analytics.