Why you Should Migrate to GA4

Why you Should Migrate to GA4

For those who are business minded but not tech-savvy, setting up and monitoring your online presence can be nearly impossible.

In this modern era, not having a digital presence and analytics means you are missing out on a bunch of opportunities.

That’s why hiring a Google Analytics agency Dubai is a good idea.

If you already have Google Analytics, you may want to start your Google Analytics 4 migrationto keep current.

Read on to learn what analytics can do for your business, how GA4 is making your marketing easier and more efficient, plus how to find a great agency to help you navigate the world of analytics.

The importance of analytics

To understand why analytics are important, we must first understand what analytics is.

Analytics is the way that a business stores, organizes, and makes sense of the data’s information.

For example, when a customer visits your site, the fact that they visited is stored in your analytics data — as well as where they went, what they clicked on, and how long they were on each area of your site.

Collecting this information allows you to improve your advertising, makes the customer experience better, and helps you make business decisions.

GA4 improvements

Google Analytic 4 or GA4 is the new and majorly improved version of Google Analytics.

It was built around events rather than sessions.

This means that instead of just looking at a series of page views, you can focus on pageviews, clicks, form submissions, and any other events you wish to see.

GA4 allows you to collect a lot more data than ever before — allowing you to have an even better understanding of what your customers want and what they are doing.

You can track events through your website, app, or just about any other platform — not just web traffic.

This is made possible due to machine learning, which provides more intelligent insights.

Finding a great agency

When you need help setting up your analytics, migrating to GA4, or navigating any part of analytics you should do your research to find the best Google Analytics agency.

Check their portfolio, their references, and ask about their fields of specialization.

Discuss how they can help you and what you expect to get out of using GA4 and analytics as a whole. 

Ask what they can do for you, how it will work, and an estimate of the costs.

In this modern era of technology, it is vital that every business has an online presence — if they wish to grow and flourish.

A Google Analytics agency Dubai can help you to monitor and predict trends on your website and across all of your online platforms.

This will ensure that you are always in the public’s eye and fresh in their memory.

If you have Google Analytics already and haven’t made the Google Analytics 4 migration yet, an agency can help you with that too.

Call a great analytics agency today to make sure your business has an enthralling and modern online presence.

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