Why Is The Sungold SGSP Series Always Popular?

Why Is The Sungold SGSP Series Always Popular?

As one of Sungold’s most popular rigid solar panel products, the SGSP series has been well received by customers The SGSP series off-grid is neater, using sunpower cells, and the bypass diodes enable the cells to maintain excellent performance in low-light environments There are drilling holes on the back of the product, easy to install and fixSGSP series solar panels are best suited for residential, commercial use and large off-grid systems. Sungold highly recommends using SGSP series solar panels to complete large-scale projects, which are very suitable for grid-connected and off-grid projects.

It’s also ideal for off-grid environments like homes, sheds, cabins, RVs, and provides enough power to power air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, coffee makers, microwaves, and other electronic devices. Sungold’s SGSP series can not only provide customers with power support and reduce electricity bills, but also provide customers with a more ideal and comfortable living environment. In the long run, they have made their own contribution to the earth’s energy saving and carbon emission reduction.


RV users also have a high evaluation of the SGSP series products, saying that they are the most suitable photovoltaic products for RVs. The solar panels of the SGSP series are protected by an aluminum frame, which is convenient for outdoor RV installation. It is structurally resistant to hail, sand and strong winds. The glass panel is scratch-resistant and suitable for long-term outdoor use. Sungold Rigid Solar Panel SGSP series is the best choice in terms of performance and durability, strong and durable, long service life and long warranty period.


Sungold SGSP series is deeply loved by customers and can last for a long time, in fact,it is because of the excellent performance and design of the product.

High Output Stability And Efficiency

Sungold SGSP series solar panels are made of Sunpower cells, with a 10-year output of more than 90% and a 25-year output of more than 80%. The output efficiency is high, and the output power per square meter is greater. Suitable for off-grid environments such as RVs and boat roofs. It can provide customers with a large amount of power output, ensure the power guarantee for off-grid or grid-connected life, solve the problem of power shortage, and save electricity expenses at the same time.

Low Installation Cost

Sungold SGSP series rigid solar panels can meet the needs of different applications. Ground mount compatible. Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters. Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for quick installation and fastening. The simple installation process can save high labor installation costs for customers’ RVs, boats, and off-grid and grid-connected power supply projects.

Long Lasting And Durable

Sungold SGSP series rigid solar panels are reinforced with tempered glass and aluminum frame to ensure good output performance and a service life of up to 25 years, Sungold SGSP series solar panels are reinforced with aluminum frame and tempered glass, using advanced multi-layer encapsulation Material sheets are laminated to enhance the performance of the battery and provide a long service life. Longer service life can save customers from the trouble of replacement and repair

Stronger Resistance

It has a strong ability to resist extreme wind and snow, and can adapt to the weather of -10 degrees Celsius. Even in extreme weather, there is no need to worry about affecting the subsequent use of solar panels.

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