Why are Walink devices Not Connecting?

Why are Walink devices Not Connecting?

Sometimes you think you are fed up because of the extender connection problem. This is a very common issue that many users are facing everyday. No need to worry as we are up with steps on the wavlink router not working and connection issues of the extender as well.


Why Wifi routers are good for long-range

  • Without any problem of signal, it can cover a large and efficient number of areas.
  • After the equal distribution of the range, it helps too many devices altogether.
  • Steadfast frequency can help in distributing the signals for betterment.
  • These are available for users at affordable rates.
  • Some of the routers also need to be available for Google assistance.


You need to disable all the wireless security settings. Sometimes the wireless device is not compatible. Footnote: once the security mode is disabled, you can access the WiFi control once again.


Issue With WiFi.wavlink.com

If you are unable to find the web address like wifi.wavlink.com setup isn’t reachable then, you can easily resolve the issue here by signing in to the router or the Wavlink extender. In addition to using a laptop or a computer. But if you still have some confusion then I can easily reach our technical team.


Wavlink Extender Setup using WPS Method

To expand your wireless existing network you can use the WPS button. But to complete the setup you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • To start with Connect the power outlet to an extender and turn it on.
  • In addition, Carefully see a WPS button is available on the extender press the button hardly.
  • At least, wait for two minutes after pressing the WPS button available on the router.
  • Although, If the connection turns out to be successful the LED light will turn out blue.
  • As a result, to enjoy the WIFI signals; you can finally connect the WIFI device to the extender.

Problems if the router cannot connect?

Using a needle press the reset button which is located at the end of the extender, henceforth press it for more than 10 seconds. This step is hopefully necessary if you are unable to reset the WIFI extender to the router. 

As a result, this will definitely reset all the undone settings and transform your Wavlink not connecting back to work as you wanted.

To change the settings of your router and the Wavlink extender, you need to identify the IP address of the router. By using other devices like laptops, phones, tablets, etc. you can check if some other similar networks are available in your area. 

To do the necessary changes you need to change the password and the username of the Wavlink extender and router, furthermore add the information to your sticky notes to change the connection some other time.


Note: You need to disable all the wireless security settings. Sometimes the wireless device is not compatible. Footnote: once the security mode is disabled, you can access the WiFi control once again.


High Trafficking devices sharing the same network:

To keep the journey running for a long time, use an ethernet wire. Generate the traffic of the network and make sure to have other devices, as they can create a good amount of network traffic.

Move your Wavlink Extender around.

Wavlink is not working, it is installed incorrectly, and as a result, the connection is also drooping.  So install the Wavlink extender according to these guidelines:

  • So place the extension at a center tidy location.
  • Electronic items like microwave ovens, all Bluetooth devices, refrigerators, and other home security systems should be kept away from your extender and routers.
  •  Aluminum studs like ceiling fans and studs should also be kept away from the extenders concrete walls and metal doors they all can cause damage.
  •  As we have already said above, placing the routers in the corners can definitely affect their performance.

How to set up with Wireless Method Is So Easy?


  • Confirm the connectivity of your Wavlink extender; you can connect it physically by an Ethernet port or by a unique SSID and connect that to the Wavlink extender.
  • Refer to the steps of the OS on your Wavlink WIFI extender and check the IP address.
  • Ping the gateway address to communicate with your router.
  • After the successful completion ping websites like yahoo or goggle.com.
  • All the pings are successful then you do not have to perform the Wavlink router Setup steps again.
  • If three out of four steps are successfully done, then you need to add your MAC address which adversely needs to be approved by the MAC table. After adding the extender and router’s addresses.  



We hope the information given to you in the above steps is enough, As we have given you the Whole necessary steps on Setup and troubleshooting as well. But, if the issue still persists then you can contact us by commenting in the chat box below, and if the facking a problem with the wavlink ac1200 setup you can read our other blogs.

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