What to keep in mind before buying a solar pool cover

What to keep in mind before buying a solar pool cover

Solar pool covers are a huge investment therefore you need to make sure that you are spending money on the right one. Generally, a solar pool cover can let you save cash in the long run. This is mostly if you heat the pool employing electricity or even gas. You can increase your swimming season. The following are some things to keep in mind before you buy the solar pool cover:

What actually is a solar pool cover?

This is basically a huge solar blanket. It is like a really strong bubble wrap which floats upon the surface of some pool. You do not have to attach this to a pool because the surface tension, plus its weight, can hold it on the pool surface.

It has bubbles present on one side along with a sturdy flat layer upon the other. The bubbles aid in behaving like an insulator to halt heat transfer out of your pool.

You should know that a solar pool cover tends to be different from some “pool cover”. When it comes to a pool cover, this is made to cover the complete pool so as to keep it safe during the winter. It is also made to stop kids or pets falling in it.

How it works?

It is important to know how the pool cover works. It can do so in the below three ways:

  • By floating upon the surface of your pool, it can let the sun’s rays enter the pool then it heats up the water.
  • It can behave like a giant blanket so insulating the pool. This greatly limits heat loss, mostly at night and when it is windy weather.
  • Due to the fact that no water gets exposed to air, evaporation will be limited. Evaporation tends to be a major way that heat gets lost from a pool.

Why get a solar pool cover

The following are some advantages of getting a solar pool cover:

  • It lets the sun’s ray’s heat up the water within the pool.
  • It aids in retaining the heat within the pool by insulating your pool water particularly from the air above.
  • One can save on water because there will be limited water evaporation because it covers the complete surface of the pool therefore it will stop water loss occurring into the air.
  • Employing a solar cover can extend the time that you will be able to swim within the pool as it can heat it up earlier within spring and even longer into the autumn.
  • It is rather eco-friendly because you will not have to use the pool heater often.
  • You may be able to employ lesser chemicals because when the pool is covered, it can aid in blocking UV rays that can break down chlorine.

It is important to find the perfect pool solar blanket cover if you want to make a solid investment. From the above you can see that it is a beneficial item to have.

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