Top perks of using Drake Hosted Software

Top perks of using Drake Hosted Software

Whether for personal or business purposes, tax preparation is a tedious but important task. Even a small miscalculation can cost you many tax savings you could have saved yourself. This is one reason why accountants and auditors love Drake Hosted Software.

Built-in features such as multi-state returns, automated data flows, and built-in forms greatly simplify your tax preparation tasks. However, even this power control software presents challenges that cannot be solved without human intervention.

Thinking if there is a solution that can help you overcome all these challenges? This can be accomplished using Drake Hosted on Cloud. By hosting this powerful tax software on a third-party cloud server, you don’t have to worry about tax preparation while your team works in the cloud.

Benefits of Drake Tax Hosting:

  1. Top-notch data security

No matter the size or Scope Of Your Business, keeping your financial information secure is paramount. Due to recent losses, many companies are holding off on investing in system security solutions. This increased the risk of malware attacks with security vulnerabilities and data loss. If your business is still operating in cost-cutting mode, investing in robust security measures may not be financially feasible.

If you’re looking for a solution that can provide the data security you need, we recommend moving to Drake control software in the cloud. With Drake-hosted software, the responsibility for maintaining cloud security rests with your chosen cloud-hosting provider. Plus, multi-level security makes your tax data safer than on your local computer.

  1. Cost savings

Maintaining a secure, up-to-date on-site IT infrastructure requires a large capital investment. We don’t just add servers to existing setups or add firewalls for security reasons. Both software and hardware impacts can weigh on capital costs, not to mention the need to hire an in-house team to maintain the system regularly. Most companies aren’t willing to upgrade their on-premises IT setups for years to save money.

With Drake Tax software hosting, you can easily eliminate most of these costs. You can choose to pay-as-you-go hosting plans depending on your business needs, the size of your tax team, and the virtual resources you need. In other words, Drake Hosting has proven to be an affordable alternative to keeping everything in-house.

  1. Remote access to Drake Software

In situations like this, it can be frustrating not being able to access the Drake Tax software on your PC. Also, you don’t want to upset your customers by deferring the task to a later date. This is where Drake’s cloud-hosted software makes the job easier.

One of the main benefits of switching to Drake hosting is remote access to licensed Drake software. Tackle your most pressing tasks anywhere, anytime using Cloud Windows desktop from any compatible internet-connected device. It also gives you the freedom to access your tax data and complete a variety of tax preparation tasks 24/7, even when you’re not in the office. Ultimately, this helps track the flow of business.


Drake Software Hosting is a robust solution for tax professionals with multiple features and advantages. If you’re looking to switch and upgrade your business to Drake Hosting, enlist the help of the best hosting service providers like Apps4Rent to make the switch today. These providers are also specialists in providing various cloud and migration services to Migrate Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019, which benefit your business in various ways by moving to the cloud.



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