Top 5 Best Seafood Restaurant in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Top 5 Best Seafood Restaurant in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Find the best seafood delights at JB seafood restaurants at affordable prices. Johor Bahru’s extensive fishing grounds provide a steady supply of fresh seafood. All this at the best seafood restaurant in Johor Bahru! Many tourists who come to Johor Bahru regard the quality of seafood there as a “Attraction”.

Imagine yourself enjoying Salted Egg Crabs and Chili Crabs, Juicy Oysters, Juicy Oysters, Juicy Prawns with butter, Steamed Fish, and Fat Prawns. It’s a great dining experience. We take you on a tour of some of the most renowned seafood restaurants in Johor Bahru.

Yi Jia Seafood Restaurant

Although it started as a low-priced seafood restaurant, SEAFOOD has grown to be one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Johor Bahru. It is also a great place to have a family dinner. Marble Glory, or steamed Soon Hock fish, was the best because it was fresh and was prepared while the fish was still alive.

Another highlight is the salted egg crab. The meat is sweet and juicy, and perfectly blended with the salted eggs sauce. You can also dip the fried bun in it. The crispy chicken with squid paste is another great dish. However, it is best to pre-order as there is limited stock. Also, the Chile paste-cooked clams were delicious and well worth a visit.

Todak Seafood Restaurant

Todak Seafood
Todak Seafood

The food is delicious and served outside on the Johor Straits beaches. The Todak Seafood Restaurant was established in 1999 and has gained a great reputation. The restaurant serves fish dishes made from fresh caught pomfrets (snappers), groupers, threadfins, and many other species.

There are many options for delicious dishes, including prawns and lobsters, as well as oysters. Here are the black pepper crabs.

Chua Kee Restaurant

Gelang Patah is worth mentioning for its delicious cereal prawns. Visitors who visit this area to see the theme park, or those coming from Singapore or returning to Singapore may stop by Chua Kee Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Although the menu features fresh seafood, it also offers a variety of dishes such as chicken and pork, most customers visit this restaurant for their seafood.

You must try their hot place bean curd, which is served with seafood in a tom-yam sauce. It is truly a mouthwatering dish.

Anjung Senibong Malay Seafood

The first Malay Seafood restaurant on the list. You can handpick your favorite dish and the cost of your dish will be based on their weight. The chef can also prepare the seafood in the way you prefer. Freshly harvested seafood, including squids, crabs, stingrays and prawns, will be available for you to choose from. The restaurant is great for dining, especially with the stunning Seaview and the breeze, if you’re lucky enough to see the unforgettable sun set.

Restaurant Tian Lai

Gelang Patah’s famous seafood restaurant. This famous seafood restaurant is located in Gelang Patah. You can also enjoy durian and other fruits at the nearby stall.

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