Top 10 Anime Characters for Kids Coloring

Top 10 Anime Characters for Kids Coloring

Anime series have become popular in recent times. Kids love these anime characters which have become their favorites and heroes as they sometimes take out time to role play.  For anime lovers and fans, we have taken out time to show you some of the best anime character coloring pages to have an anime-coloring and playtime. Enjoy!

Naruto coloring pages

Naruto is a popular anime character among kids of all ages and the coloring pages can be printable, downloadable or gotten from the store.  The story is about ninja characters with superhuman abilities used in fighting and this makes it a more interesting and exciting coloring activity.  Naruto is the protagonist and a ninja in training with the aim to become the leader of Konohagakure. The coloring pages will have kids using their imaginative ability in order to get the coloring right as depicted in the series.  This will grab their attention for a long time. Get it!


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Hunter X Hunter coloring pages

Hunter X is an anime series that fascinates both kids and adults. Hunter X coloring pages is an interesting and engaging activity for little fans. Gon Freecss, a young boy is the main character of the anime series who found out that his father is a well-known hunter in the world. This coloring will enable kids to take an adventure with the hunters as they give colors to make the characters such as Gon Freecss, Hisoka Morow, Killua Zoldyk, Meruem and many others stand out just like in the series.

Pikachu coloring pages

There is no doubt that the Pikachu anime series is one of the most loved among kids with several fans across the globe to show it. Pikachu easily gets its fans In the Pokémon mood as it is an anime character with yellow fur, yellow ears, large tails , two red pouches on the cheeks which stores electricity for electrical attack during fights.  It is an interesting anime series with vibrant coloring pages that features Pikachu. Kids can experiment with diverse shades of yellow and brown to create the Pikachu uniqueness.


Image: Pikachu Coloring


Goku coloring pages

This is a coloring page for kids to celebrate this heroic character.  Gogu is an iconic superpowered hero that has gotten millions of fans over time.  Gogu is the major character from the Dragon Ball Z series that captivates kids of all ages. Gogu is a courageous Saiyan character that was sent to the earth to destroy it but he had an accident that affected his brain. He became good hearted and the savior of the earth. This character wears orange GI and a blue undershirt in the series. Kids can use the shades of colors from the anime movie to add color to this famous character.

Pokémon All-characters coloring pages

Pokémon anime has gathered numerous fans over the years. It won’t be an exaggeration that some kids are obsessed with this series. Kids have their favorite character such as Pikachu, ash Ketchum, mew, Jigglytuff, wartotle, squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee and Togepi. This coloring pages is a collection of Pokémon characters aforementioned and kids can have adventure with them as they color using the right shades. It also means that they don’t only color their favorite characters but other Pokémon characters using their favorite coloring tools and colors. Let’s kids have fun with these coloring pages that features their loved heroes.

Shinra Kusakabe (fire force) coloring pages

Fire force is a Japanese anime series about Shinra Kusakabe nicknames, “Devil footprints” and a youth who has the ability to ignite his feet as desired. He was sent away from others because of the fire that led to his mother and younger brother. Then he became part of the fire force company that ensured that infernal attacks.   Fire force coloring pages is interesting for kids to color different characters from the series.

Dragon Ball Z  characters collection coloring pages

Dragon ball Z is a popular anime because of the action and adventure that create the thrill and excitement for many kids around the world.  In this coloring pages, kids won’t only color the major character named Gogu but as well as his friends as they wage war against evil forces that confront them. When kids engage in coloring the characters, they can follow the epic adventure using their imagination.  Gogu can be colored in black, orange and blue, Kid Gohan can be colored in purple and red, krillin can be colored in any suitable shades and so on.



  1. “Wow, this article is a treasure trove for parents like me who are looking for engaging and wholesome activities for their little ones! The selection of anime characters for kids coloring is fantastic, and I love how each character has its own unique charm and appeal. It’s amazing to see how anime can inspire creativity and imagination in children. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for parents and kids alike. Keep up the great work!
    -Martin Williamson”

  2. Among them I like Goku coloring page. I know a company who provide photo retouching/ editing service for who don’t want to do this on their own.

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