Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental

It’s crucial that you choose the right vacation rental for your holiday.

There used to be a smaller selection of accommodations for vacationers. But, with the advent of the Internet, we can now find a huge variety of properties. It’s overwhelming how many options there are!

A checklist will help you narrow down the search. You will need to be able to distinguish the accuracy of the listings.

Here are some tips to help you select the best vacation rental property online.

The Description

The description of each rental can be extremely helpful. It should include both what it says and what isn’t. Many owners try and sugarcoat their properties while ignoring the many cons that can be seen once you’ve actually been there.

A balanced description of the property should include pros and cons. This honesty allows the holidayed to determine if there are problems with the rental. Each person is different, so what may seem negative to one person might actually be beneficial to another.

Avoid properties that contain too many exclamation points or mention more about the local area than they are the property.


Reviews can give you a good idea of the property’s value since they are written by former customers rather than the owner trying for a sale.

Keep in mind, however, that often the reviews written by property owners are from people who had a horrible or wonderful experience.

Please Review the Features

Not all vacation rentals will be suitable for everyone. The price list will show you what amenities are included. If you’re looking for a rental, do they provide towels and toilet paper, or can you bring your own? If you plan to cook your meals at home, will the rental provide a fully-equipped cooking area?

Figure out Transportation

You will have a wonderful vacation if you check the exact location of the property and the transport options available. You may want to spend all day at the beach or lake, but the property you are interested in is closer. Nobody wants to deal with that.

Although renting in the suburbs is cheaper, it can mean you will pay more for transport costs. It all depends upon what you like and whether or not you bring your car. If you prefer public transportation, be sure to rent a vehicle that is easily accessible.

View the Neighborhood

It’s not just about transportation that the property is worth taking a look at. Google Earth gives you a great view of the neighborhood. Is it secure? Is there parking available? Are there noisy clubs that can be heard at night?

A vacation rental will not come with room service, so it is important to know the locations of local restaurants and grocery stores.

While choosing the right property is not easy, it will be easier to make the right choice. You can make your vacation more personal with a rental property.

Contact Key West events for assistance with your rental property hunt. We have many properties for you to choose from. All of them are carefully reviewed and managed so that you can find your perfect place. We want to make your vacation as enjoyable and memorable as possible.


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