The Best Time For Traveling to Ibiza

The Best Time For Traveling to Ibiza

Ibiza is a region that tends to be a treasure among the most prominent resorts in the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, permanent discos and club events, which invite tourists who have just come to hit the road and to live their vacation up. Starting with the ancient and historical center of Ibiza City and finishing with alluring beaches,Traveling to Ibiza this place impresses from the first sight. However, the biggest part of sightseers usually face a principal dilemma while coming there: what is the most suitable time for visiting this copious and flamboyant land? Indeed, it requires a comprehensive analysis based on the people’s preferences, desired dates and budget. However, if they don’t hire a Jeep in Ibiza, then they are not able to approach off-the-beaten tracks and get rid of hordes of travelers! 

In general

Ibiza is a paradise for those who prefer hot and splendid weather. Almost during the whole year it is sunny and the most pleasant time for traveling that durates 350 days in a year! Even in winter it doesn’t seem to be nippy or, moreover, snowy. As for the rain, it is a rare phenomenon in Ibiza and you have more than 90% confidence that you will spend your vacation without unexpectable precipitation. However, there is something more vital: heat, which sometimes has a serious impact on tourists’ health and alienates perfect vacation.

“Boiling” period in Ibiza

What can we call the boring season of Ibiza? It is a period, when the temperature seems like the sun is splitting the bones! It lasts approximately from the middle of June and continues up to the end of August. In fact, it is extremely tough to endure +35°С (95°F) – +38°С (100.4°F). As for the sea, its temperature reaches +29°С (84.2°F), which is also sweltering. People who have diabetes and heart problems shouldn’t travel during this period. Bear in mind that it is required to take SPFs, medicines from sunstroke, special headwear, etc. Additionally, if you decide to hire a Jeep Ibiza and visit Ibiza, you should remember that the prices for the flight tickets and accommodation are higher than usual. You have to book everything in advance so as not to pump up. Otherwise, it is suggested to go there in spring or autumn, when the tourists are not in droves and the weather is admissible.

“Non-boiling” season in Ibiza

The so-called and informal “non-boling” season in Ibiza usually lasts from the middle of March and continues up to the end of May. During this period, the travelers only start arriving and they are not mistaken: it is a silly season, which is especially suitable for those who visit this region with children. The weather during this season is not extremely scorching and can be lightly tolerated. One more additional bonus: the rates for Spain cars for hire are low, which allows people to travel freely and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Ibiza. You may even look for early booking and find affordable accommodation. Moreover, travelers have a chance to search for a luxurious room in such a hotel, as Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza or Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa, which seem extremely attractive. 

When to go to Ibiza?

Even after analyzing those two types of seasons in Ibiza, the main question arises: when to go to this region? In fact, traveling to Ibiza is the best in autumn, more specifically – in the end of September and till the start of November. This stage is characterized by neutral temperature, which reaches maximum +27°С (80.6°F) and minimum – +23°С (73.4°F). The sea is of a comfortable warmth, more exactly – +25°С (77°F), so that you will definitely get itchy feet and a thirst for adventure. However, there is a high probability of a period of massive rain, which lasts approximately 5 days! That is why you should book tickets, Ibiza car hire and accommodation in advance so as not to spoil your vacation. 


Ibiza is the most marvelous and fascinating region for traveling. By staying there, you will find many offers of spending nightlife,Traveling to Ibiza fabulous beaches and luxury hotels, which always invite many sightseers. However, before traveling there, you need to choose a desired period of when you are going to stay there. If you are a hot-weather fan – pick “boiling season”! Don’t really like extremely hot conditions? Turn to “non-boiling” season. Can’t stand both of them? Then arrive in Ibiza in autumn and have fun!


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