The Advantages Of Using A Fractional CMO

The Advantages Of Using A Fractional CMO

Your company is set to expand, but you need someone to handle your marketing and drive that expansion.

The issue isn’t finding someone with the necessary talents; there are plenty of talented marketers available. The issue is finding the proper person for the job: someone who will tell you the truth and give the necessary counsel at a reasonable cost.

What you need is a chief marketing officer, or CMO, to oversee all marketing efforts. However, CMOS demands compensation that many mid-sized enterprises cannot afford.


What Exactly Is A Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a marketer that works with firms for a set amount of time each month, usually just a few hours. In other words, they devote a fraction of the time that a professional CMO would devote to the firm and are compensated accordingly.


What Are The Advantages Of Working With A Fractional CMO?

As someone who has previously employed a fractional CMO, I’ve seen that hiring one may be a terrific way to rapidly receive the benefits of having a marketing specialist working on your firm without paying the exorbitant expense of employing a full-time CMO.


What Is The Cost Of A Fractional CMO?

Although fractional CMO pay rates vary, rather than focusing on the cost, consider the value you’ll receive and if you’ll save money.

Assume you employ a part-time CMO for $200 per hour. If they work 15 hours per week, they will earn $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year.

When compared to the remuneration of a CMO, which according to starts at about $160,000 on the low end, the phrase “fractional CMO” makes sense. However, in my experience, a few hours of concentrated time from an experienced marketing expert may provide a lot of rewards.


Why Do You Require A CMO?

Working with freelancers and marketing firms is beneficial for new enterprises, but when you’re ready to take off, you need to have an experienced hand at the helm.

A CMO (or a fractional CMO) will assume responsibility for your company’s marketing efforts success or failure. They can not only offer other C-suite executives more time to focus on their specific duties, but they can also assist guarantee that your organization effectively integrates everything from advertisements to analytics.

A full-time chief marketing officer may also become involved in office politics or other duties. In contrast, a fractional CMO will often just contact your company enough to offer honest criticism, instructions, assistance, and training.


How Can You Locate A Decent Fractional CMO?

You may locate applicants for this role in a variety of ways.

  • Seek references from peers and partners.
  • Look through freelance websites.
  • Place job postings on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn.

You may also utilize Google or any major social media platform to do relevant keyword searches.

The hardest thing is assessing whether they’re a good match for your company, not finding someone ready to operate as a fractional CMO.

When interviewing individuals for this role, make sure to inquire about their most relevant experience. I feel that employing a jack-of-all-trades is preferable to finding someone with experience establishing sustained development in your chosen business.

If they have the relevant experience, they will be able to speak the language of your business and answer any particular queries you may have about marketing inside it.


What Is The Primary Distinction Between A Fractional CMO And A Chief Marketing Officer?

The biggest distinction is financial. A fractional CMO often invests only a few hours per week or month in each firm with whom they work. Even if your pay rate is high, this allows you to pay a modest amount in exchange for important services.



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