There’s something truly exciting about moving into a new home – often it comes off the back of weeks, if not months of stress and worry about brilliant surveys, mortgage applications and praying that your chain doesn’t get broken. So once those keys are in your hand you can finally relax and enjoy turning your new house into your home.

And nothing is more joyful than being wished well in your new home by friends bearing gifts. Although a simple card is usually enough – who can baulk at something more bulky when the purse strings have been severely compromised by the expense of buying a property and moving in. So don’t be proud, accept all gifts with gratitude and appreciation. The following are some of the best.

Towels and bedding

Nothing beats slipping between brand new sheets in your brand new bedroom. And you can never have too many sets of bedding. Friends who know you well will know what suits you best – whether it is crisp white cottons or more luxurious silks and satins. 

Equally, how is it that no many how many towels you think you may have – there never seems to be enough. Encouraging new towels as part of a housewarming present will help you towards never running out, even when you have guests to stay.

A house full of flowers

‘Say it with flowers’ was an advertising slogan first attributed to Major Patrick O’Keefe in 1917, an advertising executive who was working with the Society of American Florists. Flowers certainly speak volumes. Better still, if your in Eastbourne looking to send flowers to Edinburgh, a florist can deliver to any location through established networks. What better way to make your house immediately welcoming than to fill it with fresh, beautiful flowers from well wishers.

Subscription to an interior design magazine

We’re sure that you have plenty of ideas about how you’d like improve every room in your new home, but in case you’re lacking in inspiration, this gift will feed your creativity. Every month a new magazine will drop onto your doormat, and give you access to ideas and suppliers that will help you transform your dreams into reality.

A new set of wine glasses

We have no doubt that there will have been breakages during the moving process. In the same way as you can never have too many towels, neither can you ever have too many brilliant wine glasses. 

Monthly wine delivery

And of course you also need something with which to fill those wine glasses. A quick internet search will throw up a number of wine subscription companies who will send you a small selection every month for those who enjoy the occasional tipple. What better way to toast your briliant new wine then a growing selection of tempting bottles in your wine rack. 

House name sign

Have you given your new home a name? It doesn’t matter whether you have moved into a manor house, or a one bedroom apartment – your new home is a special place. Make it even more special by giving it a name and giving yourself a new house sign with the name on it. 

Save on energy costs with an Air Fryer

As you settle in to your new home you probably want to ensure that you run it as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. If you’re lucky enough to receive an Air Fryer from a generous friend or relative then you’ll be well on the way to achieving greater energy efficiency. Air Fryers not only cook quicker, but they don’t require pre-heating – so it can take pride of place in your new kitchen.  You can also visit here Now


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