Outings & team building

Outings & team building

In Germany, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate

We are at home in the Rhein-Main-Neckar region. Through Wiesbaden, Frankfurt (Mainhattan), Hanau, Darmstadt, the Groß-Gerau district, Biblis, Bensheim, and Heppenheim. Mannheim’s squares and Weinheim’s two castles. To the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe, we travel from Heidelberg’s historic old town, the SAP headquarters in Walldorf, via Bruchsal. To Speyer and the state capital of Mainz, via Ludwigshafen, Deidesheim, Kaiserslautern, Worms, the Nibelung and Luther town, and Alzey. With activities like raft building, soap box building, domino effect, team art, archery, curling, or a guided canoe tour, we’ll make you a team player! You can discuss your team building needs, goals, and wishes with us. A suitable program will be devised for you. By using our specially developed success concept, you will have a lasting impact on the motivation of your team. Outdoor team events and company outings can be planned with our special bad weather insurance.

Make your own creation and set sail together. Everyone contributes their strengths to the building of a raft. This creative team event can be held on many large bodies of water in your immediate vicinity, bringing the entire company community together. In this scenario, employees or departments compete against each other, followed by a joint raft trip and barbecue. We organize everything and make building your own rafts an unforgettable experience with our bo events team.

A raft Building Ctivity Is Creative, sporty, and one of the most exciting outdoor team building activities. Employees can integrate their personal strengths into the planning and implementation of the raft. After the final raft trip, it is clear who has the vehicle that is most suitable for river and lake travel. There is a lot of fun to be had here because the team sticks together. It’s exactly like this when it comes to team building.

Taking responsibility for the environment

Team events with social responsibility: CSR events

A The purpose of a company outing or team event does not have to be limited to the benefit of your company or association. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility. With bo events, you and your team can experience real togetherness while simultaneously contributing to a good cause.

Charity, marketing, and responsibility events

Organizing CSR events with us is a special kind of teamwork. In your company or association, you complete exciting tasks and projects that strengthen your sense of togetherness and promote communication.

CSR events make everyone involved feel good when they demonstrate social responsibility. In addition to making children’s eyes shine, it contributes to the environment by reforesting forests. In addition to making a positive impression on the public, CSR events are also effective forms of marketing.

Organize your own CSR events

We at bo events are well versed in the needs and preferences of businesses from all sectors when it comes to special team events. Here are four examples of corporate social responsibility events we have organized for you.

Soapbox building example

You can strengthen your group’s team spirit with the construction of soap boxes, a classic activity. Once the soapboxes have been built and raced, you and your company can donate them to a charity. To achieve this, participants at the event designed unique boxes and dynamically measured themselves against each other.

Create a playground

The construction of a playground is an example 2

Are you interested in making children smile with your event? Building playgrounds is a great contribution to society at a time when fewer and fewer playgrounds are maintained by cities and communities. Develop a value-oriented leadership culture together in addition to the playground concept, to give a foreign environment a real upgrade. In playground construction, personnel development and corporate citizenship can be combined.



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