Off-White sneakers: where to buy and how popular are they

Off-White sneakers: where to buy and how popular are they

Off-White sneakers: where to buy and how popular are they – There is no denying that Air Jordans are among the most recognizable shoes on this planet. As a matter of fact, the highest-selling pair of Air Jordan 10s were sold for $2 million in 1985. But Air Jordan has come a long way since they were first introduced in 1985. It is no secret that the fourth signature sneaker in the Jordan line has been one of the most historic shoes in the Jordan line.


The Debut of the Air Jordan 4

The first time Michael Jordan debuted the “Black Cement” Air Jordan 4 in the NBA All-Star Game was in February of 1989 (he ended up scoring 28 points in that game, which is not too bad).

The Air Jordan 4 went on to conquer the markets once again, despite the ridiculous success of the Air Jordan 3 – this time in the first-ever global release of Michael Jordan’s sneaker line after a total of two previous releases.

The shoes retailed for $110, which was $10 more than the previous release, making them some of the most expensive on the market.

These sneakers were originally released in four different colorways despite their higher price tag and mixed reception:


  1. Black Cement
  2. White Cement
  3. Military Blue
  4. Fire Red


The popularity of Off-White sneakers

Off White was created by Virgil Abloh in 2014, you can see many trending fake Off White shoes and other products, you can get the best fake off white jordan 4 at

In early 2017, Virgil Abloh deconstructed and redesigned ten fake off-white shoes. Despite the fact that the collaboration between the two brands was officially announced in late August, Abloh had been teasing them throughout the year for quite some time and had been working on them since much earlier in the year. The design process involved Abloh taking each individual shoe, breaking it down with an X-ACTO knife, and removing and altering key elements of the shoe. The designer kept the foundational silhouette of each fake off white shoe, but he added small fabrics and panels to the shoe, as well as relocated parts. Abloh focused his design on editing the stitching and tongues of each pair of shoes.

Abloh designed each fake off white shoe to have a print on the inside, reflecting the creative process and location of creation. The letter read “Off-White for Nike” followed by a line that included the name of the shoe that had been remodeled and then two lines saying, “Beaverton, Oregon USA” and “C. 2017”. Beaverton, Oregon, was the place where these shoes were designed. Besides adding the name of the main material used in the particular shoe to the midsole in bold black quotation marks, a signature characteristic of Off-White and Abloh, some of these examples include ‘AIR’ and ‘FOAM’.

There are only a few designer sneakers that have gained a cult following. One of them is the Off-White sneakers. They have managed to capture the attention of sneakerheads all over the world. Rihana and Hailey Bieber, both celebrities and discerning fashion people, have been giving it their stamp of approval for years now.


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