LONGER: The Best Partner for Hobbyists and DIYers

LONGER: The Best Partner for Hobbyists and DIYers

As a hobbyist or DIYer, you need to have several tools with you for easy work coordination. If you are tech-savvy, you can get a 3D printer to help with your crafts. Don’t worry about the size, as there are lightweight versions that can rest on your desks, such as the LONGER LK4 XWe have already introduced you to the brand LONGER, one of the best 3D printing firms you can rely on for your supplies. Stick on as we show you why LONGER is the best partner for hobbyists and DIYers. 

A Legitimate Company

Before transacting with a company, especially via its online platform, you must ensure that it is legitimate. LONGER is a credible firm with physical offices in Shenzhen, China, its headquarters, and various operating centers worldwide. It guarantees the safety of your transactions and the delivery of high-quality utilities.

Plenty Of Products

Perusing LONGER’s products catalog shows you how large it is. The items include resin and FDM 3D printers, the latter being the best for your light engagements or if you are a beginner in 3D crafts. Resin printers are suitable for commercial applications. LONGER also stocks laser engravers. It has two types of engravers, the Ray5 5W, and Ray5 10W. The former is ideal for small-scale applications. The engravers require you to install the MKSLaser app on your smartphone to operate them remotely. The app works with iOS and Android devices and allows you to move the laser, switch the beam, transfer files, monitor engraving, and more.Still, on LONGER’s catalog, it has accessories for 3D printers and laser engravers. All items are top-grade, with certifications such as CE to back up the claim.

Customer Support

The company has an efficient support team to handle any queries you may have. You can reach the support center via call or email. You may refer to the blog, the FAQ section, and product descriptions to answer questions about the items you want to purchase.

Reasonable Pricing 

It is not a secret that 3D printers, laser engravers, and their extras are pricey. You don’t have to worry about the pricing as it is friendly on LONGER’s platform. It is an excellent bargain, considering the fantastic features the items sport.Apart from the reasonable prices, you can take advantage of the offers and discounts. Be on the lookout to know which offers LONGER has.

Friendly Policies

LONGER has friendly shipping, returns, and warranty policies. For shipping, the delivery time is 3-15 days in most countries, but it may take up to 20 days in Asian countries. Moreover, it is free in most countries.You have a 7-day refund window and a 30-day window for product swaps. A 12-month warranty covers LONGER items. 

Affiliate Program

Try and sign up for LONGER’s affiliate program for a chance to make passive income. You earn a commission for successful referrals that lead to a purchase. 


Highlighted are endearing things about LONGER. Shop at its online store to take advantage of the running offers and discounts. 


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